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Synonyms for roach

a roll of hair brushed back from the forehead

the butt of a marijuana cigarette

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street names for flunitrazepan

European freshwater food fish having a greenish back

comb (hair) into a roach

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cut the mane off (a horse)

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The German roach can fit with an opening as little as 3/8 inch in width.
The pair had been in a relationship for 16 years when Roach discovered a number of messages on her phone, sent by a male colleague of hers at Greggs bakery, while they were on a family break in Liverpool.
They had been in a relationship for 16 years when Roach found messages on her phone from a male colleague of hers at Greggs bakery while they were on a family break in Liverpool.
Manny's legs were really good in the fight and Floyd's weren't in his last fight," Roach stated when asked of his ward's chances against the undefeated Mayweather.
Some Whispering Wind readers may have purchased, or made, a new roach with plans to hit the dance arena for the first time in the 2015 pow wow season.
They were released in Longbottoms Dam and the Calder and Hebble Navigation inland waterway in order to raise the roach populations there.
This quirk of roach taste explains why glucose-baited poison traps stopped working among certain roaches, Schal says.
That causes the glucose-averse roach to close its mouth and run away from glucose in tests," Schal said.
Although the commissioners oversee the district attorney's budget, they were persuaded by the county's legal counsel that they have no say over how Roach uses asset forfeiture funds.
To cram on comedy, Roach studied silent films, taking notes on movement and physical choreography.
David Roach, 50, was found guilty of attacking the sex worker he had picked up in his car in October, 2007.
LOS ANGELES: Manny Pacquiao s trainer, Freddie Roach, was cleared by a jury on Friday of assaulting a former member of the Filipino fighter s entourage at a gym in Hollywood.
Ken Roach, MBE, first became a councillor on the former Bedlingtonshire Urban District Council in 1955.
Roach, who trains Vazquez out of the Wild Card Gym in Hollywood, is scheduled to leave March 1 with the rest of Team De La Hoya to Puerto Rico, where Roach will train De La Hoya for his May 5 mega fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr.
THE fourth round of the Match Fishing Shakespeare Avon League, on a cold but improving River Avon at Evesham, saw plenty of roach action for most of the competitors right through the match length.