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Synonyms for riyal

the basic unit of money in Saudi Arabia

the basic unit of money in Qatar

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STC's reported loses are worth 595 million riyals, which are booked as compensation for expropriated land and buildings in an upmarket area of Riyadh.
Non-Saudi Umrah companies are charging pilgrims in Saudi riyals to avoid losses from decline in the value of other currencies.
A Saudi riyal in 1989 now values 57 halalas," the paper pointed out.
7 billion riyals "to foreign currency exchange fluctuation losses amounting to approximately 1.
Notices have also gone up in some stores stating that customers paying with Saudi riyals will only get 900fils for every 10 riyal, compared to the BD1 offered before.
Recently the value of the Saudi Riyal dropped below the previously accepted 10 to 1 and many who had accepted this currency found they had lost money when they went to exchange them ('exchange risk').
Rental income from properties in Makkah, Madinah and Riyadh will generate 300 million riyals a year and the company plans to raise money by selling residential properties and land in its portfolio, though not fixed assets, Al Gusaiyer said.
The Saudi riyal exchange rate against the Bahraini dinar dropped by 0.
The debt will be issued on Monday and will include a three-year, 500 million riyal sukuk and a five-year, 500 million riyal sukuk, a statement by the bank said.
3 billion riyals through a rights issue, of which part of the proceeds went to pay back a 350 million riyal bridge loan from Al-Rajhi Bank.
Mobily, Saudi's No 2 mobile operator, attributed its quarterly loss to a 235mn riyal increase in general and administrative expenses, plus an extra 56mn riyals in finance charges.
Revenues and approved expenditures of Princess Norah bint Abdulrahman University are estimated at SR2,685,780,000 (Two billion six hundred eighty five million and seven hundred eighty thousand Saudi Riyal.
Chicken prices have jumped 25% since the beginning of this year to reach 16 riyal per kilo for local chicken and 13 riyal per kilo for imported.
Talking about the projected deficit, Makki said the estimated 800 riyal deficit for the year 2010 will be 13 per cent of revenues and three per cent of gross domestic product (GDP).
The total consolidated balance sheet of these banks amounted to 1 trillion and 412 billion and 100 million riyals by the end of July 2008.