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Synonyms for riyal

the basic unit of money in Saudi Arabia

the basic unit of money in Qatar

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424 billion riyals, an increase of 756 million riyals.
A Saudi riyal in 1989 now values 57 halalas," the paper pointed out.
7 billion riyals "to foreign currency exchange fluctuation losses amounting to approximately 1.
Around 500 million riyals will be drawn down from reserves while the remaining 2.
2% despite the fact that the value of imports increased by less than half a percentage, where the value of imports for 2015 amounted to 654 billion riyals compared to 651 billion riyals in 2014.
53 billion riyals in 2014, an 11 per cent increase on 2013, but did not include a fourth-quarter amount.
05 riyals per share for 2014, slightly higher than the 1 riyals per share
Savola made a net profit of 564 million riyals ($150.
Net provisions for loans and advances increased to 239 million riyals for the year, compared with 167 million riyals in 2010, with net provisions in the fourth quarter in line with those of the same period in 2010.
oil sales which amounted to O5,620 million riyals in 2010, compared to O3,355.
Safco, which produces urea and ammonia, made 604 million riyals ($161.
62 trillion riyals at the end of July, an increase of 12 billion riyals over June.
The budget projects revenues of 505 billion riyals ($125.
6 per cent at the end of July 2009 compared to the previous month, with total amount of 424 billion and 400 million riyals.
SAIB said net operating income fell 41% to 361 million riyals after net lending income slid 25% to 263 million riyals.