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found in small streams of tropical America

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Algunos aspectos fisiologicos y metabolicos del Rivulus sp.
microdactylus) presentaron mayores valores de abundancia, asi como Rivulus insulaepinorum, especie que fue mucho menos abundante en el rio Itabo.
Such was the case when biology professor Alice Gibb and her research team at Northern Arizona University witnessed a small amphibious fish, the mangrove rivulus, jump with apparent skill and purpose out of a small net and back into the water.
Endocrine disrupting chemicals (bisphenol A, 4-nonylphenol, 4-ferf-octylphenol) modulate expression of two distinct cytochrome P450 aromatase genes differently in gender types of the hermaphroditic fish Rivulus marmoratus.
The little cryptic mangrove rivulus (killifish) lives in giant land crab burrows.
Metacercariae were located in muscular tissues, under the scale of the caudal fin of Rivulus harti (natural infection).
Relationships among species of Rivulus endemic to the Brazilian Amazonas river basin are evaluated through an analysis of morphological characters, including terminal taxa representative of all Rivulus lineages.
Equally at home on land and in the water, the mangrove rivulus is a secretive, oddball fish that often hides in crab burrows and generally produces clones of itself.
Feeding under predation hazard: response of the guppy and Hart's rivulus from sites with contrasting predation hazard.
Scott has had a record of success that will be a tremendous asset to Rivulus.
Effects of nonylphenol on the gonadal differentiation of the hermaphroditic fish Rivulus marmoratus.
Rivulus tomasi is described from Tobogan da la Selva, a tributary of the middle Rio Orinoco south of Puerto Ayacucho in the Amazonas Territories, southwest Venezuela.
Nine species were common to all basins: Apistogramma agassizii (Steindachner, 1875), Carnegiella strigata (Gunther, 1864), Erythrinus erythrinus (Bloch and Schneider, 1801), Gymnotus coropinae Hoedeman, 1962, Hoplias malabaricus (Bloch, 1794), Hypopygus lepturus Hoedeman, 1962, Pyrrhulina brevis Steindachner, 1876, Rivulus sp.
synspila; el segundo grupo, por especies de talla pequena (hasta 3 cm), asociadas a fondos lodosos de poca profundidad y con vegetacion en descomposicion, por ejemplo Rivulus tenuis, las dos especies de Gambusia, Heterandria bimaculata, Phallichthys fairweatheri y Xiphophorus maculatus.
caudomarginatus, another species from Rio de Janeiro and undescribed at that time, was usually identified as Rivulus ocellatus (= K.