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  • verb

Synonyms for rive

to separate or pull apart by force

to crack or split into two or more fragments by means of or as a result of force, a blow, or strain

Synonyms for rive

tear or be torn violently


Related Words

separate or cut with a tool, such as a sharp instrument

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Another exception, not technically a Rive, produced by Bortolomiol is 'Ius Naturae' (law of nature) which is certified organic and was balanced and lively.
Affable and gracious with his time, Rives also loved passing on his many skills.
Even though the EPA defines the post-consumer content requirements for trash bags as anywhere from 10 percent up, Revolution averages 70 percent, with some of their products reaching 100 percent, according to Rives.
Le systeme de depollution de la rive gauche de Bouregreg et du littoral atlantique, inaugure par SM le Roi Mohammed VI mercredi a la commune urbaine Yaacoub Al Mansour (Prefecture de Rabat), est un projet qui aura des retombees positives indeniables sur le plan economique et environnemental.
BEIRUT: Stephane Rives is a man lost at sea, cast from his lifeboat by the storm.
Le directeur de la securite d'Al-Sokhna a recu une notification du directeur d'un village touristique, confirmant l'apparition de trois requins dans les eaux des rives du village et des villages annexes, ce qui a seme la panique parmi les clients ces villages.
Prior to joining SMITH Advertising, Rives was president and owner of DiscWrite CD Promotions, a CD duplication firm that also provides flash programming, web design and web development.
When I left, I was walking out of the office and he said, 'You're going to shoot the biggest deer in the woods tonight,'" Rives recalled.
On his part, Rives said that French investment in Cyprus ''is lively and kicking,'' pointing out that between 2008 and 2009 French direct investments in Cyprus increased by 68%, whereas investments concerning 2007-2008 recorded an increase of 30%.
Pictured, Robert Samela welcomes the new STA president Scott Rives.
ELEN Rives could never be accused of being afraid to take the plunge.
Rives, formerly the judge advocate general, United States Air Force, headquartered at the Pentagon, as its new executive director.
London, Nov 27 (ANI): English footballer Frank Lampard's ex-fiancee Elen Rives has revealed that she wished she could to turn back time and be with the Chelsea star again.
POSING outside a London hotel Elen Rives, dumped by partner photo op Frank Lampard who then moved on to a younger model, smooche s toyboy Stevenage FC footballer Lawrie Wilson.
Salt Lake City -- Twenty-one attorneys from the Salt Lake City office of STOEL RIVES LLP, a full-service U.