river prawn

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large (a foot or more) edible freshwater prawn common in Australian rivers

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KEY WORDS: aesthetascs, sensory structures, chemoreception, mechanoreception, antennule, antenna, Macrobrachium rosenbergii, giant river prawn
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Culture of the Amazon River Prawn Macrobrachium amazonicum.
There's also a focus on giving diners lighter options, such as -- yum -- grilled river prawns with hot basil sauce, and Laab Pla Salmon, a Thai version of ceviche made with organic salmon in a spicy lime dressing.
The price of Northern coldwater prawns has shot up 12% year-on-year with king prawns up 36% and river prawns up 22%, according to Mintec.
We were advised to try a special of river prawns with yellow curry paste.
Start with grilled river prawns and lotus stem salad, followed by a soup of lotus root with dried scallops.
Baki kept his strength until the late 90s and his occupation and amusement in "retirement" was to trap river prawns.
In international trade, they are known by the name of giant river prawns.
While visiting the Challenger Institute of Technology in Fremantle, where mulloway, black bream and river prawns are being bred, the Minister announced the 2013 round of RFIF grants funding was open for expressions of interest.