river otter

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sociable aquatic animal widely distributed along streams and lake borders in North America

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However, reports say that the beavers found in the River Otter are likely not strays from the wildlife compound.
A river otter cub in Japan has become the newest star at a Japanese aquarium after being paraded around in a carry bag.
So how does a river otter carve a hole through the Lac La Hache ice in January?
For example, the river otter has a dense, water-repellent layer under a longer top layer, which keeps it warm.
An otter at Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre, near Tarporley, Cheshire A Canadian River Otter at the Blue Planet Aquarium, Ellesmere Port
castoris is thought to be an obligate parasite of beaver, Belfiore (2006) recently reported a specimen from a river otter (Lontra canadensis Schreber) in California.
Research reports and literature reviews consider such aspects as reduced-impact logging and post-harvest management in the Atlantic forest of Argentina, a decision support system linking forest policy with sustainable forest management planning in private forests in Ireland, selecting restoration and conservation areas using species ecological niche modeling as demonstrated by the river otter in central Mexico, the social production of nature in Greece's Dadia Forest Reserve, and comparative responses of three Tunisian olive cultivators to salt stress.
Here's just a brief sampling: white-tail deer, turkey, quail, elk, duck, river otter, coyote, black bear, mink, fox, bobcat and cougars (no season on cougars, but they are in Arkansas).
Sure, you're used to seeing fish, shells and seagulls as you stroll the beach, but look a little closer and you may find something more exotic--like coyote, fox, river otter or bobcat tracks.
One of the biggest bonfires in the West Country is lit beside the banks of the River Otter and behind it are the flashing lights of the funfair.
IN THE WILD Clockwise from above, Giant River Otter Eating; Orangutan In Tree With Mother; Crouching Jaguar and Getting Stuck In, all by Brian Matthews.
The large, rough-coated hounds were originally bred in England to hunt river otter, but lost popularity after the country banned otter hunting in the 1970s.
Native populations of the North American river otter (Lontra canadensis) in Indiana declined sharply through the early 1900s due to unregulated harvest and habitat loss and were believed extirpated from the state by 1942.
Still, it is difficult to think in terms of "training" when watching a river otter splash in Abrams Creek in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.