river boulder

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a boulder that has been carried by a river to a place remote from its place of origin

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The pounding water, the huge river boulders and the wooded cliffs of the gorge make a wonderful sight
In a nutshell, the plan would replace the canal's hard-edged concrete structures with natural river boulders and other debris to create fish habitat while producing waves and currents for recreational paddling.
The central Willamette Valley contains variable terrain of clay, cobble, solid rock, river boulders and sand" says Redhouse.
Yet, while the concrete may have been relatively new, the stones themselves were prepared in traditional fashion, by laboriously hacking rounded river boulders flat so that they could be incorporated into rectilinear masonry.
The work consists of 44 tons of river boulders and 30 bronze castings, which were done at Eugene's Reinmuth Bronze Foundry.