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a channel occupied (or formerly occupied) by a river


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Coming to the edge of the big rift that I'd been pursuing, I stood quietly and gazed across the river bottom, faintly illuminated by a hanging moon.
I shot a nice 10-pointer on the last afternoon, as he sniffed along behind some does coming out of willows on the river bottom.
The firing site will be the Trinity River bottom, giving residents of Downtown Dallas and Trinity Groves a birds eye view of the show.
Food plots are scattered throughout the river bottom areas, as well.
I noticed it was badly worn on the bottom as if it has been scraped along the river bottom but it didn't look too old.
The EPA also underlined the potential environmental dangers to public health and safety from a pipeline spill, differentiating between an oil spill and a diluted bitumen spill such as the Enbridge oil pipeline spill in the Kalamazoo River in 2010 The diluted bitumen, called dilbit, sank to the river bottom and mixed with the soil.
Periods of low water are the optimum time to remove obstacles since they allow excavators and hydraulic hammers easier access to the river bottom.
Working together with an international research team, U of A graduate student Scott Persons examined unusual claw marks left on a river bottom in China that is known to have been a major travel-way for dinosaurs.
Jesmond Dene Hoary, while vibrant waterfall tumbling Over alive thundering down, Hitting river bottom.
Their land is located along the Missouri River Bottom and the grave of their chief 'Struck by the Ree' is located in Greenwood.
The potential impacts of pore water contamination extend far beyond the river bottom, he explains, because "this is where the biological food chain begins, so any bioaccumulation of toxins will start here.
Unfused vertebrae allow them to turn their necks 180 degrees, making it easier to explore the river bottom with their sensitive snout bristles in search of crustaceans, catfish, piranhas, even turtles.
Steinhatchee offers several deep, close-in, rocky stretches of river bottom.
Rescuers in central Vietnam pulled nine bodies, including those of three children, from a bus winched off a river bottom and dragged to shore on Thursday, three days after the vehicle was swept off the road by floods in the province of Ha Tinh.
A former mill in the area deposited heavy metals into the river and the state Department of Environmental Protection has mandated the cleanup of the river bottom.