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Synonyms for riven

torn apart


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Without warning the tree above him was riven by lightning, and when the rain ceased and the sun came out Tarzan lay stretched as he had fallen, upon his face amidst the wreckage of the jungle giant that should have shielded him.
He sat there like a man turned to stone, his forehead riven by one deep line, his straight firm mouth set close and hard.
Though the bark is ragged and riven, the heart of the tree is sound.
They'd be riven to bits, ere ever they'd be different.
In many places it had become gnarled and riven, according to the manner of old trees; knots started out of it; and here and there it seemed to twist itself into some likeness of boughs.
5) Construction of High Level Bridge cum stop dam Across Riven on Banoli-Banskund Road at RD 200 M.
The Riven Rock Ranch, ideal for use as a family homestead, gentleman's ranch, vineyard, bed & breakfast, event/wedding venue, destination restaurant or corporate retreat, went under contract today in cooperation with Kuper Sotheby's International Realty
Riki Hall, 32, and six-yearold epilepsy sufferer Riven were left by Sheila Cooke in sleet on a country road a mile from their house after an emergency hospital visit.
Riki Hall, 32, had to carry Riven, six, through the water on a country road which the driver said was too deep for the cab.
I MUST congratulate Susan Lee for her comments regarding Riven Vincent and her disabled daughter Celyn, (ECHO, January 21).
A moving tribute riven from the wrenching depths of grief, kinship, and respect for noble deeds.
Sean Godsell's new weekend house for a family is a long, elevated bar in the landscape, which, though pleasant in summer, is riven by fierce gales in winter.
The fireplace comprises fire surround; finish new limestone effect from the Designer Range; plinth black riven slatest one ; fire white concrete gas fire bowl by CVO and inglenook black riven slatestone set.
Four hundred years ago, the church was riven by a controversy analogous in many ways to the current disagreement over the subject of homosexuality.
While this incredible journey takes place, Kurytnik's film itself appears as if it is about to implode, as its images and sounds are riven with the "rain" and grain of a battered old print.