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make or evolve into a ritual


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Photo: (1--Color) ``The Beanery'' (1965) beckons viewers into a creepy, full-scale replica of a landmark West Hollywood diner, where the clock-faced patrons appear trapped in their ritualized lethargy.
She captures them in the midst of their ritualized activities, or tranquilly at rest, in a seemingly symbiotic relationship to their environment.
The New Agers who flock to Ojai have ritualized this moment.
But the self-involvement of both is clear, even if the presentation of self is peculiarly affectless and ritualized.
It was the post's first fully ritualized flag disposal ceremony in a decade, said post Commander Dennis Buck.
The elaborate Wild West spectacle he took across North America and Europe--part didactic circus, part live-action precursor of movie westerns--was a microcosm of the ritualized imperialism at the core of the expansionist myth.
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder - Repeated, intrusive and unwanted thoughts that cause anxiety, often accompanied by ritualized behavior to relieve this anxiety.
If the latter, for example in the case of a funeral scene or a show of a dead baby, the impression would be solemn enough and tragic, but ritualized all the same .
Their topics include theaters and pathologies of silence: symbolism and Irish drama from Maeterlinck to Beckett, ritualized silence and secret selves: the seal of the confessional in 19th-century Ireland, silence as testimony in Samuel Beckett and Derek Mahon, between silence and re-narration: translating signs of Belfast's urban space, and the voices of the dead and the silence of the living in Brian Friel's drama.
It was ritualized foregone conclusion, like the resignation of
To connect the blues aesthetic with jazz scenes, Jackson builds on Catherine Bells' concept of ritualized (rather than ritual) performance, the idea that some activities gain their meaning by being set off from the everyday.
Rahming explicates the organic unity of the stories as ritualized coherence of the fractured historical consciousness of Africans in Diaspora, through the links to Kametic/Egyptian concepts of the cosmos.
It also addresses the extent to which theories of organizational resiliency (characterized by acceptance of reality, core values for guiding decision-making processes, and ritualized ingenuity) and distributed structure account for the ability of the North Carolina Community College System and the North Carolina Department of Correction to successfully provide postsecondary education to inmates.
A killer targets homeless men in a series of ritualized murders that leaves Tony and his new Oxbridge educated partner DI Andy Hall little to work on.
This article examines Maryland's three white lynchings, which occurred in the period 1886-1896, and argues that incidents of extra-legal violence constituted a ritualized response to transgressions against community codes, and suggests further that such acts occurred within carefully prescribed, if tacit, norms.