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make or evolve into a ritual


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The analysis of FRQ scores showed a high degree of family ritualization compared to theoretical means.
In conceptualizing the media from an anthropological perspective (45) the process of ritualization and mythologization of reality deserves a special approach.
The currently output-driven system may predispose to distortion of priorities and ritualization of practices, with clinical encounters focused on achieving performance indicators rather than good patient care: a tick-box approach.
Combining it with improved perianal skin hygiene, bowel habit ritualization, and the addition of fiber as a bulking agent and loperamide for diarrhea offers the greatest hope for patients suffering from this challenging condition.
Safronova carries off the meticulous task of separating ritualization from spontaneity.
Drawing from Catherine Bell's theories of ritual and ritualization, I propose that Roth uses blood imagery to emphasize those moments where occasions of ritualization profane the sacred ritual from which they arise.
Whereas Cervantes distances his audience from empathizing with his old men by making them the butt of jokes through comic excess, Garcia Lorca's characterization of his viejos is compassionate, though his "schematic approach to character and ritualization of action deny the audience entry into the feelings of the characters and invite them to reflect more on the significance of the action" (Lyon 237).
This ritualization goes beyond simply supporting a team, as observed with the controversial vuvuzelas in the World Cup of 2010 in South Africa.
On the other hand, ortorhexia nervosa has an obsessive component about the quality of ingested food, that gets to bring greater satisfaction in menu planning and even the ritualization of the menu than by actually eating.
Ritual is not a distinct category of action but a modification on existing categories; in the wake of Huxley (1914) biologists, anthropologists and ethologists have been stressing the concept of ritualization as one key to our understanding of ritual behaviour; (15) in Catherine Bell's (1992: 90) formulation, '[t]he significance of ritual behaviour lies not in being an entirely separate way of acting but in how such activities constitute themselves as different and in contrast to other activities.
Indeed, repetition and ritualization are important aspects of how symbolic power functions as, in the words of Pierre Bourdieu, symbolic power "is defined in and through a given relation between those who exercise power and those who submit to it," with the power of diverse symbols being derived from "the belief in the legitimacy of words and of those who utter them" (170).
The resting position of Cerodirphia speciosa (Cramer), (Lepidoptera, Saturniidae): The ritualization of a conflict posture.
Though historically white identity remains the artifact of never fully accomplished work in the domains of ideological discourse and, especially today, hegemonic ritualization, it has generally been only passively received by those who embrace its privileges and benefits.
The topics include three personal images of death and dying in the Nordic countries, the roles of the dead in medieval Iceland, lighting candles as ritualization of death, physicians narrating end-of-life issues, and "good" and "bad" deaths in contemporary palliative care.