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gradually decreasing in tempo

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Recruit concluded that bringing him on board would mean obtaining the potential for both high level technological development and translating it into business, and decided to appoint him as the head of RIT.
The Xerox commitment to The Golisano Institute for Sustainability represents the latest chapter in its long-standing relationship with RIT.
Employers often say that they're looking to hire a 'specialist' in UX or UI design, but our experience is that what they really desire is someone with both deep skills and broad experience," said Adam Smith, associate professor and program chair in the School of Design/College of Imaging Arts and Sciences at RIT.
com(TM) is a collaborative effort developed, designed and owned by Xerox and RIT.
Vadim Leiderman, RiT's President and CEO, adds: "We are excited that FISA, Latin America's leading structured cabling firm, has become a 'champion' of the intelligent infrastructure concept pioneered by RiT.
Programs such as the Young Designer of the Year competition provide great opportunities for our students to showcase their work," said Nancy Chwieko, interior design faculty member at RIT.
This partnership will launch a revolution in photographic education as we set a new standard for all photographic programs," said Bill DuBois, chair, Photographic Arts, RIT.
Altamira's donation will be a powerful tool for the entire RIT community," said William Springer, manager of the Imaging Systems Laboratory at RIT.
The RIT Cary Award recognizes notable individuals who have advanced digital media," said Professor Frank Romano of RIT.