risky venture

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a wild and exciting undertaking (not necessarily lawful)

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If writing a sequel to another author's much-loved book is a risky venture, then offering a whathappened-next to a classic like Treasure Island is hazardous indeed.
I am not going to put the club at risk again by going down any risky venture of bidding pounds 1m or pounds 1.
I always joked that, after the magazine was a success, I'd start an equally risky venture, like open a restaurant.
It seems a very risky venture to allow a 10-year-old to hold a shotgun licence.
In a city that seems to have plenty of places to stay on both ends of the price spectrum, opening a bed and breakfast--especially in this economy--could be seen as a risky venture.
She disclosed that when the World Bank visited some local banks last year to know why they were not supporting the Nollywood projects, the banks claimed they did not understand how to get their money back adding that it was a risky venture.
A risky venture blossomed into an overwhelming success with over 900 in attendance, raising some $400,000 in donations in the past year alone.
It is a risky venture for people of our age, getting mortgages, putting down payments and holding our breath that the builders in India don't vanish, but as Richard Branson, the self-made billionaire says, you have got to take risks in life.
Some may have deemed it a risky venture for a relatively poor country such as Bulgaria.
Stephen's injuries in a 250ft cliff jump in France made him consider a less risky venture
Family Council of Victoria secretary Bill Muehlenberg labeled the plan irresponsible and a hugely risky venture.
1 percent - a full percentage point above the state average - is a risky venture.
We believe that Destination Kirkby is a risky venture that will present Everton Football Club with a very uncertain future.
Northern Rock were rightly branded "irresponsible" for the way they borrowed money - over 70 per cent from sub prime mortgages or risky venture capital.
People are always wanting us to make more cheese and to grow, but we really wanted to grow slowly, because this is a really risky venture.