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thought to be devoid of risk

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Here the focus is on the way in which the riskless interest rate affects the fundamental value of assets.
0] Equivalent to Exercise or Strike Price, K Equivalent to at a future date (t1) Volatility (probabilistic) [sigma] Related to Riskless Rate r Related to Equivalent to Term T Equivalent to Annual Dividend Yield q Equivalent to Standard Normal [PHI] Equivalent to Cumulative Distribution Closed-Form Model Conventional Appraisal Current (t0) Stock Price Current Market Value of [V.
The average adjusted present value of the riskless project in Panel B is $751.
The banks invested in state debt in an attempt to create riskless collateral for the notes, but the banknotes did not trade at par.
Since the credit risk premium is on top of the interest rate charged for riskless debt, the first step is to understand what moves that riskless rate around.
Systemically riskless Bankers argue that if the government reduces its support for big banks -- by increasing capital requirements or limiting bank size -- it will starve United States businesses of the low-cost funding they need to grow.
By contrast, holding Government bonds is deemed riskless, which further adds to demand for gilts," Professor Minford said.
Minority shareholders should enjoy fair and riskless buy-back terms thanks to the presence of Maersk Group.
3 in the past three years when adjusted for price swings, the top gain among 72 markets worldwide according to the Bloomberg Riskless Return Ranking.
London, Sept 14, 2012 - (ACN Newswire) - In these uncertain times private wealth management in Asia should revolve around safe haven, dollar based riskless assets, says Christian Menegatti, Managing Director & Head of Global Economic Research, Roubini Global Economics, USA.
AAA ratings were the frosting, making the many believe they were buying securities nearly as riskless as Treasuries but with higher returns.
The securities offered as collateral often include claims on own-country or foreigners' sovereign debt, and because developed-country debt is taken to be riskless, banks need reserve no capital against it, and the central bank does not apply a Significant discount to it in tallying up the value of this collateral.
LAN Safest Airline Stock Again After TAM Buy: Riskless Return.
LAN Airlines, Tam SA, Aberdeen Asset Management Plc Lan Safest Airline Stock Again After Tam Buy: Riskless Return.
Commercial banks could place their excess funds in riskless deposits at the Fed, rather than lending them to private borrowers.