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thought to be devoid of risk

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In our view, risk looks attractive and risk-free looks unusually risky for intermediate to long-term investors.
We need to address the risk-free, compensation culture and the excessive costs it brings with it.
Any danger of injury is therefore ruled out, allowing the LC to be utilized risk-free in publicly accessible applications such as Fiber-to-the-Desk and Fiber-to-the-Home.
For insurers' liabilities, this would mean recognizing at least two factors: first, changes in risk-free rate levels, and second, in the aftermath of a significant insurance-oriented tail event (insurer's version of the credit crisis), the additional costs associated with the need to carry more capital at a higher cost.
Your 100% risk-free guarantee is for a quality work product, not that your opinion will be whatever the attorney wants it to be.
As mentioned earlier, paying down such loans provides a risk-free rate of return equal to the loan's after-tax interest rate.
The risk-free interest rate is the benefit received for owning rights in stock without having to pay cash to purchase the stock.
According to Barron's, Cypress has returned even less than the risk-free rate [3-month treasury bills] over the past 15 years.
Most valuation techniques consider six standard inputs: current stock price, exercise price, option duration, risk-free interest rate, dividend yield and volatility These options are completely transferable, do not have vesting requirements and are not forfeitable.
And we certainly don't always choose the risk-free option.
It bought securities that were cheap and sold securities that were expensive, based on a mathematical model of historical relationships that assumed markets become more efficient over time; the reduction in uncertainty was bound to narrow the spread between risky and risk-free assets.
PRO punter Joe Jackson has uncovered a South American soccer match this weekend that offers internet punters a risk-free seven per cent profit.
And some had accidents that resulted in brief violations, which is to be expected since this is not a perfect, risk-free world.
the practice of discounting with essentially risk-free rates is inconsistent with