risk of infection

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the probability of becoming infected given that exposure to an infectious agent has occurred


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Patients with severe burns are at high risk of infection that may lead to life-threatening sepsis.
A statement added: "The customary sign of peace handshake exchanged during Mass is suspended until the risk of infection is significantly reduced.
A MEDICAL supply company has signed a deal to become the sole UK provider of a key medical technology, in a move that could see huge cost savings to hospitals and drastically cut the risk of infections.
Studies have shown that after first the 24-48 hours, getting sutures wet doesn't increase the risk of infections.
Ubial stressed the importance of vaccinating newborns against hepatitis B to lessen the risk of infections later in life.
Dr Doug Black, Medical Director for NHS England in Nottinghamshire, reiterated patients are only at a low risk of infection.
The Nose to Toes system was designed to address three primary reservoirs of patient flora, provide consistent application, and be effective against a broad spectrum (gram + & gram - bacteria) of microbes to reduce risk of infection.
The risk was even greater for obese women who had more than twice the risk of infection compared to women in the normal body mass index (BMI) range.
The eventual goal is to see if the drug regimens can reduce the risk of infection.
Summary: Those with weak immune systems or underlying medical conditions are at increased risk of infection from fish pedicures, experts have said.
The FDA has updated the boxed warning label of all TNF blockers to include information on the risk of infection from Legionella and Listeria.
According to the report by The Barts and The London NHS Trust, nurses are required to regularly wash their hands and disinfect bed frames and mattresses, but underestimate the risk of infection from dirty pillows.
Theybelievetheinfection isanisolated case, adding swift action has minimised the risk of infection to other patients.
1) Compared with their counterparts whose male partners used condoms less than 5% of the time for vaginal intercourse, women whose partners used them at least half the time had a 50% lower risk of infection and women whose partners used them every time had a 70% lower risk.