rising trot

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the rider rises from the saddle every second stride

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But still I'm going to be going flat out perched above a tiny piece of leather on the back of a galloping racehorse in front of a grandstand - when less than eight weeks ago I didn't even know how to do a rising trot.
Practising in the private mirrored studio offers you a safe learning environment and also spares you the feeling of inadequacy as you struggle to master the rising trot while a child barely out of nappies canters effortlessly past
For a more relaxing day, visit the vast ornamental glasshouses in Staunton Park or go for a rising trot with the Sinah Warren stables along the trail of the old Hayling Billy train line.
Having accepted an invitation to ride round the course on a 'safe conveyance', the Daily Mirror's David Yates negotiated a walk and rising trot to the far side of the track.
After a couple of furlongs of walk and rising trot, my 'trusty' steed decided enough was enough, reared up and began to cart me in the opposite direction to the one I wanted to follow.
Since then, thanks principally to the efforts of Ferdy Murphy and his assistant Niall Hannity, I have learnt to ride racehorses at speed, progressing from walk to rising trot to swinging canters to riding full-blown work.
Aboard him, and many other horses in the yard, I have become part of the string, doing what everyone else does on three or four lots a day; five minutes walking in a small ring followed by a mile and a half of rising trot around a two-furlong round canter and then the serious stuff - three individual five-furlong bursts of steady to swinging canter.
On his first ride he mastered the rhythmic complexities of a rising trot in minutes.