riser pipe

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a vertical pipe in a building

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They're working to move the riser pipe to set it free," Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, chief of the US disaster response, said on Wednesday.
13 ha), depending on the location of the riser pipe.
And earlier this week engineers removed a mile-long siphon tube from the broken riser pipe after managed to extract a disappointing 3.
I riser pipe by DHT(FDS/KPO/COPCO)rig machine with 125Mm dia blue UPVC casing pipe including platform and drains etc complete job due to proposed 19 nos.
Tenders are invited for general contractor for the implementation of works on the project: "Overhaul of cold riser pipe replacement, hot water supply, sewerage and santehposudy the hostel 5 at the address: Minsk, Ave Dzerzhinsky, 83, Bldg.