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Synonyms for riptide

a stretch of turbulent water in a river or the sea caused by one current flowing into or across another current

a strong surface current flowing outwards from a shore


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Riptide, a developer of cloud-based building management technologies, works closely with Google Cloud, Intel, Dell and Datastax.
The current Riptide IO leadership team will continue to drive the company's strategy and day-to-day operations.
Riptide IO has been a strategic partner to Daikin Applied in the development of Daikin Intelligent Equipment, the industry's first, true cloud-based technology platform for HVAC equipment that harnesses the IoT.
With the aim of encouraging local people to engage with theatre in a new, personal and more immersive way, the theatre company Riptide was born.
The spokesman added: "It's really not advisable to try and rescue people in trouble yourself, riptides can be very dangerous and, as in this case, they can only make it worse.
Riptide GP2 keeps you battling against the wet and wild elements while fighting to stay ahead of the pack - with a cracking bag of stunts and special moves to further enhance this unique racing experience.
10 -- We've got some more interesting updates on the upcoming Dead Island Riptide game, especially those specific to the warfare scenario.
Part of the exciting "Shark Wars" series for young adults, Shark Wars 2: The Battle of Riptide is an unabridged audiobook adaptation brought to life by actor Joshua Swanson's smooth performance.
The amusement park will be introducing its new Riptide Bay at Hurricane Harbor, a four-acre water park expansion, for the 2011 season.
STRANDED swimmers and surfers at a North East beach sparked a major rescue when they were dragged out to sea by a freak riptide.
DEPOE BAY - The Coast Guard rescued four surfers caught in a riptide in the Devils Punchbowl between Depoe Bay and Newport on Thursday afternoon.
The other two have been treated for hypothermia after being caught in a riptide while swimming.
Washington, Apr 24 (ANI): Actor Liev Schreiber has revealed that he almost dodged death when he got caught in a riptide while learning to surf off the coast of Australia.
It's only when he gets back to basics on the likes of Riptide and When The River Moves On that the magic returns.