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a murderer who slashes the victims with a knife

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Trying to prove the theory is Jeff Mudgett, a retired lawyer and former Commander in the US Naval, through new History channel eight-part series "American Ripper.
Dozens of theories have tried to solve the mystery of the Ripper, who in 1888 butchered Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, and Mary Jane Kelly between August 31 and November 9 in Whitechapel.
A Jack the Ripper Crime Conference is coming to Liverpool in September, on the 25th anniversary of the appearance of the so-called Ripper Diary.
Jack the Ripper, the Whitechapel Murderer and Leather Apron were among the most popular.
1 bestseller of all time, DVDFab All-In-One Lifetime Gift includes the lifetime versions of all its Copy, Ripper, Converter and Creator modules, which are everything people need to copy or convert DVDs & Blu-rays, produce homemade DVDs & Blu-rays, convert Blu-rays to DVDs, or convert videos for other purposes.
Stalking Jack the Ripper delves into the mystery of a madman on the loose in London in the 1800s.
DID Jack the Ripper really exist - and was he responsible for the murders so infamously attributed to him?
The story of Jack the Ripper is a dark, tragic one.
A SHOW commemorating the 125th anniversary of the Jack the Ripper Whitechapel murders in London takes place in the region later this month.
The Conan Doyle Notes: The Secret of Jack the Ripper
com)-- In 2012, Magic Software released Magic Blu-ray Ripper and Copy 1.
RIPPER STREET (9pm BBC One) AFTER two series, BBC One's new controller Charlotte Moore has pulled the plug on Ripper Street.
The descriptions of the murders cross closely with what is now known of them; the Ripper then has the presence of mind to disappear and leave the autobiography, with which he was engaged at the time, behind him.
And each guide jostled for the best spot: Near the tiny flower bed in the far corner where, in 1888, Jack the Ripper murdered a prostitute named Catherine Eddowes -- slitting her throat, slashing her face, pulling out her innards and walking off with her uterus.