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of wines, fruit, cheeses


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Gardeners cannot afford sending fully ripened fruit to the markets because it will rot while reaching the destinations.
Pulp of mango can be easily extracted by hand peeling any variety of ripened mangoes and then crushing it.
The resultant products and active molecules like peptides, free fatty acids and others from ripened cheeses may perform several physiological roles in the body (Yasuda et al.
When these have ripened, the next set of leaves can be taken off.
Ripened artificially with calcium carbide, these mangoes put you at the risk of headache, dizziness, sleep disorders and even memory loss.
The SMS of approximately 30 cm in length was stored and ripened in a drying chamber at 22[degrees]C and 90% relative humidity (RH) for 2 days, followed by 43 or 58 days of dry-curing at 12[degrees]C and 65% to 70% RH.
White brined cheese, like other types of ripened cheese, required maturation to develop the required properties.
When properly ripened, this chubby fruit is sweet and juicy, with a pleasing, buttery-smooth texture.
Uniform size fruit, apparently free from any defect were selected and ripened at room temperature under ambient conditions at 30+-1degC and 60-65% RH.
The researchers found that in blueberry fruit, the primary sugars were glucose and fructose, whose levels increased from about 2% to 6% as the fruit ripened from white to blue color.
Providing a mild, light and sweet taste profile, it is especially suitable for the production of 'Salami Felino' and other traditionally ripened Italian sausage specialties.
Results showed that mangoes treated with hot water of 55oC and stored at room temperature (38+ 4oC) were ripened in 3 days, whereas mangoes treated with hot water treatment of 45oC ripened in 4 days, without hot water treatment were ripened in 5 days.
According to a study, manipulating the protein, can change the rate at which tiny structures in plant cells develop and create the bright pigments which give ripened fruit its distinctive colour, the Telegraph reported.
Mamiro P, Fweja L, Chove B, Kinabo J, George V and K Mtebe Physical and chemical characteristics of off-vine ripened mango (Mangifera indica L) fruit (Dodo).