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The team at Rip Off Britain are real consumer champions.
But it's his most recent RTE offering, Rip Off Republic, which has provoked the most reaction.
The most popular items for counterfeiters to rip off include handbags, clothes, music and movies, jewelry and cigarettes, but toys are becoming increasingly prevalent.
The enormous problem of bid-rigging, where contractors conspire to rip off tax-payers, is a huge drain on resources in very many countries.
I took his El-Cheapo Spyderco rip off folder, opened it, put the blade in the crack of an open drawer and with one hand, hardly pushing, I broke the pivot pin and bent the blade in the same movement.
A joint study by homeless charity Shelter and Citizens Advice called `Stop the tenancy deposit rip off in the North-East' warns that across the region, 4, 340 tenants have their deposits wrongfully withheld each year and that collectively, these people have lost more than pounds 2m.
The original bill was submitted to the assembly by the Metropolitan Police Department, which says it has investigated about 10,000 reports of violence being used to rip off customers in entertainment districts of Tokyo in the first half of this year.
Instead, not only is their money not used for victim and emergency relief -- the information is used to commit this rapidly growing offense and rip off people with the best intentions.
They continue to put tariffs up and rip off the public.
And all busty bra wearers should be organising a campaign at their nearest Marks store and rip off their bras in protest.