riot gun

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a firearm designed to disperse rioters rather than to inflict serious injury or death

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Radikal reported that the police officer ysmail Aydyn has claimed that his team fired no tear gas canisters that day, adding that he did not know who used the riot gun.
The model pictured here is the Century International Arms 20-inch barreled, 12-gauge, riot gun rendition which is being made for them in China by the zhong zhou Machine Works.
Winchester Model 1897 Riot Gun Caliber: 12 gauge Overall length: 39.
Given its compact size, officers can carry a lot of them, and 12 to 14 Minishells can easily fit into the tube of a 20-inch riot gun.
So that "little lady" purchases a mean-looking, 8-pound, pistol-gripped, 10-shot, riot gun and a couple boxes of 3-inch magnum buckshot rounds.
I tried to find bayonets that would fit, but didn't find out until much later that the standard riot gun used a 1917 Enfield bayonet.
And also there's been some good sales in the new Remington Express riot gun or police gun.
CSF personnel were allegedly armed with birdshot guns, riot guns, and teargas and pointing weapons at the students.
Indeed, in just a few days, the stench of tear gas in the streets of the nation's largest cities, along with the sound of riot guns, police water cannons and furious residents banging pots and pans in protest, became a nightly phenomena.
Marchers threw bricks and bottles at police as they were pushed back to the Browns Chapel Methodist Church area, but were chased into their homes by troopers armed with sticks, riot guns, pistols and tear gas bombs.