rinse off

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Synonyms for rinse off

wash off soap or remaining dirt


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She said more than 300 ambulances, including city, county and private paramedic units, have been supplied with chemical antidotes, and hospital personnel have been given protective gear, and officials are working on outside showers and drainage systems so workers can rinse off.
Instead, the bass starts flushing water through its mouth, spits out the beetle for a few seconds, and then snaps it up and sloshes it around in more water, as if trying to rinse off a vile taste.
Before one enters the pool one is encouraged to rinse off the day's grime under the latest state of the art, electronically-controlled showers which must have cost the local council tax payer an arm and a leg.
99), which claims to be gentler on the skin and easier to rinse off in the shower.
When it is cool and hard, remove the sculpture from the container and rinse off the extra sand.
Another robot then transfers the empty manifolds into a four-stage hotwater washer to rinse off all traces of glycol.
Okabashi shoes massage feet all day long; throw in washing machine or rinse off after a day at the beach
There is no left or right distinction, making them easier to use, and they rinse off for quick and easy cleaning.
The process: use a gentle exfoliating scrub or wipe to cleanse underarms and help remove impurities, rinse and gently dry with towel, rinse off and gently dry underarms with a towel apply Dove Visibly Smooth antiperspirant deodorant.
Put it on and leave for a couple of hours, then rinse off.