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Synonyms for ringtail

raccoon-like omnivorous mammal of Mexico and the southwestern United States having a long bushy tail with black and white rings

North American raccoon

monkey of Central America and South America having thick hair on the head that resembles a monk's cowl

an immature golden eagle

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As part of a wider study of neglected and undiagnosed disease syndromes observed in Australia wildlife, we investigated the possible infectious cause of several deaths in ringtail possums that were most often associated with acute necrotizing enteritis or hepatitis.
brasiliensis, and ringtails have been sighted in Bat Cave and the underground Lunch Room (Geluso and Geluso, 2004).
1999: Ecological example of conditioned flavor aversion in plant-herbivore interactions, effect of terpenes of Eucalyptus leaves on feeding by common ringtail and brushtail possums.
Eventually we meet the very polite ringtail lemur hanging down into the page-an example of the very clever design and layout of the whole book.
Another climate-threatened species is the rare white lemuroid ringtail possum.
The sanctuary also hosts important populations of other threatened and declining mammals, including the tammar wallaby, the quenda and the western ringtail possum.
Within my first five seconds observing the lemurs at the Lemur Conservation Foundation's Lemur Reserve, just half an hour outside of Sarasota, I find myself betrothed to--or at least going steady with--a female ringtail named Medella.
In contrast, Liam popped into ZSL London Zoo for a bit of one-to-one action with the zoo's Madagascan ringtail lemurs.
Metabolic fate of dietary terpenes from Eucalyptus radiata in common ringtail possum (Pseudocheirus peregrinus).
Ecological example of conditioned flavor aversion in plant herbivore interactions: effects of terpenes of Eucalytus leaves on feeding by common ringtail and brush tail possums.
Heavy rains played havoc with our coastal waters AUSTRALIA A baby ringtail possum weighing only 50 grams sits in a wildlife carer's hand after being fed in Sydney BOSNIA A diver takes a plunge with torches from the 82 feet-high Old Mostar Bridge into the Neretva River during the annual night high diving in Mostar (AP Photo/Amel Emric) ENGLAND People shelter from the rain at a bus stop at Heather, Leicestershire
And then I took an introductory psych course, where all they dealt with was ringtail doves and stickleback fish and all of this psychobiology stuff.
Also in the field are smaller companies, like Austin, Texas-based Ringtail Design, which was extolled by several Army officers involved with the NIE as an example of increased inclusion of small businesses in the acquisition model.
There are also plans to reintroduce a colony of ringtail possums, which are much smaller in size, to the municipality, and McKenzie wants the animals to have the best possible chance at survival.
Once in the canyonlands I saw the crescent moon racing after blue Venus, like rockets, and once I reached a hand and drew five new constellations, known only to me; a ringtail cat, his eyes like lamps, stood at the edge of my bed in the sand and stared.