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Synonyms for ringlet

a round shape formed by a series of concentric circles (as formed by leaves or flower petals)

a small ring

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any of various butterflies belonging to the family Satyridae

References in classic literature ?
I thought of the glossy ringlets and pearly teeth; I thought of the Kalydor; I thought of the coachman's bruised ear and bloody nose; I thought of the tender love secrets which she had whispered to the judge and jury and a thousand tittering auditors,--and gave another groan!
So now that J-Lo has gone curly, maybe others will start to ringlet the changes.
PRETTY: Mountain Ringlet butterfly; LOWLAND GORILLA: Less than 100,000 remain; TIGER: Just 5,000 to 7,000 big cats still survive
8DA 3850 YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Own goal 9 Lurex 10 Views 11 Earthen 12 Eli 13 Cleanest 16 Earliest 17 Raw 19 Deposit 21 Cried 22 Llama 23 Retrial DOWN: 1 Louvred 2 Angelica 3 Rods 4 Clarinet 5 Arch 6 Axing 8 Lie detector 13 Cold snap 14 Sardinia 15 Twaddle 18 Oddly 20 Play 21 Cute QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Shepherdess 8 Sue 9 Cos 11 Crawler 12 Dealt 13 Red 14 Boa 15 Ringlet 17 Pie 19 Oath 21 Rant 23 Tent 25 Swag 27 Ewe 29 Offence 31 Map 34 Ski 36 Bravo 37 Turmoil 38 Ail 39 One 40 Devastating DOWN: 1 Sure 2 Head 3 Pillion 4 Enrage 5 Dodge 6 Scab 7 Solo 8 Scrap 10 Stash 16 Ton 18 Era 20 Ate 22 Ago 24 Excerpt 25 Samba 26 Beat it 28 Exile 30 Flora 32 Arid 33 Pale 34 Soon 35 King followed
So far the warm weather has given some species like the meadow brown, red admiral and ringlet a good start," he said.
It's catching on in Hollywood too, with Mad Men's Christina Hendricks stepping out at the recent opening of Vivienne Westwood's Paris store with her flame-red locks tumbling to her shoulders in loose ringlet spirals.
Widespread species, including the Ringlet, Meadow Brown and the Small Tortoiseshell all struggled in Wales.
Her own gold-dipped copper pieces attracted a stream of buyers from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, who were particularly interested in her more-modern adaptations of the cornet, including a ringlet number set with cartoonlike butterflies.
With that, there will be hydrodynamic force transferring any particle from center to ringlet," says Wong.
Finland has updated its list with five new sites, including Mieraslompolon kentta, home to the woodland ringlet butterfly (Erebia medusa).
Other winners included: Avon Advanee Techniques Intense Repair (hair repair), Redken Ringlet (curl enhancer), Mark Salon Straight Smoothing Balm (straight product), Pantene Pro-V Restoratives (deep conditioner) and Matrix Hair Care Amplify Foam (volumizer).
The most prominent ringlet seen by Voyager has moved inward by 200 km and dimmed considerably, one of very few confirmed changes in the 25 years between spacecraft encounters.
In 1799, shortly after she entered the Augustinian convent in Dulmen, near her birthplace in Westphalia, she began to bleed from a ringlet of tiny wounds around her head and three years later exhibited the stigmata on her hands, feet and side.
This trip resulted in 24 finds, including three new species: a hooded oriole, California quail and a ringlet.
I was about to say thank you and give her a nice smile when I saw that her lovely ringlet brow was furrowing again and her right forefinger was moving up with a little warning wag that was pure Miss Ingalsby, "But the next time