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the basic unit of money in Malaysia

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MSSB said, The Islamic financing facility consists of 19 million ringgit of Performance Guarantee-i under the Kafalah concept and 228 million ringgit of term financing with the sub limit of 137 million ringgit under the Tawarruq and Kafalah concept respectively.
The ringgit is currently trading at its highest in over a year against the dollar.
About three or four years ago, the ringgit traded against the US dollar at about RM5.
Wan Zulkiflee said Petronas would enforce "fiscal discipline" regardless of oil price movement and that the firm expects to meet its dividend commitment of 16 billion ringgit to the government for this year.
However, the depreciation of the Malaysian ringgit remains a key concern as a large portion of AirAsia's X borrowings and operating costs are denominated in US dollars," it said.
The Malaysian ringgit is down 26 percent from a year earlier, breaching 4 ringgit to the dollar last month, it's weakest level in 17 years.
Seri Suniza to pay 200,000 ringgit in general damages and a further 80,000 ringgit for causing pain and suffering to 31-year-old Turkyyah Abdulrahman Al-Asiri.
NBAD issued its first sukuk and first issuance denominated in Malaysian ringgit (MYR) in June 2010.
7 trillion ringgit in early 2020, but last year's figures of 841 billion ringgit has exceeded expectations for a 797 billion ringgit.
5 billion Malaysian ringgit sukuk programme, which was established late last year.
Highlighting his party's achievements, he said the Malaysian Government has agreed to provide eight million Ringgit for the Suria Cooperative to aid to small businesses, and 100 million Ringgit under Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia for micro-credit loans especially for the urban poor under his party's initiative.
Bloomberg worked with the Association of Islamic Banks in Malaysia and Bursa Malaysia to launch the ringgit Sukuk index, which is basically a benchmark for anybody who invests in Sukuk denominated in ringgit.
Umar Ibrahim Vadillo, chief executive officer with Kelantan Golden Trade, said the first batch of gold and silver coins worth two million ringgit (625,000 dollars) had been sold out in less than a month.
4 million ringgit from just 915,000 ringgit a year earlier.
It had also helped to boost exports by keeping the ringgit at least somewhat undervalued.