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Synonyms for ringer

one exactly resembling another

Synonyms for ringer

a person who rings church bells (as for summoning the congregation)

a person who is almost identical to another

a contestant entered in a competition under false pretenses

(horseshoes) the successful throw of a horseshoe or quoit so as to encircle a stake or peg

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There was one major drawback that probably doomed this tool to failure: Hill, who invented the original hog ringer, sold pre-formed hog rings for about 5 cents per hundred in 1898 (15 million were sold in two years), while the horseshoe nails proper for the tool sold for 7 cents per pound.
When I shot the Dead Ringer it performed as promised.
Additional information about monthly Publicity Club programs, social and networking events, the "Bell Ringer" blog, up-to-date Job Bank and the 2012 Bell Ringer Awards Ceremony, including a complete list of last year's winners, can be found on the Club's Web site at www.
In the film "The Wedding Ringer," Josh Gad is playing the bridegroom, Doug Harris.
Llandaff Cathedral is the only church in Cardiff - and one of only two in the whole of Wales - to have a ring of 12 bells, making the Llandaff ringers one of the most impressive bell-ringing groups around.
The daunting training mission was dreamed up by Crew Commander Andrew Pike, who is a bell ringer at the church, to test the teams' initiative.
Los Angeles Judge Gordon Ringer said, 'The court will sign and issue a properly prepared certificate commanding the President to testify before this court on February 25 and to appear on April 15' (when the trial begins).
Jenifer Ringer, a principal with New York City Ballet, remembers it from the other side.
He knows it's a long shot to win election against a longtime, well-known elected official like North Eugene County Commissioner Bobby Green, but facing the odds doesn't seem to daunt Greg Ringer.
JAMIE RINGER wants showdown talks to thrash out a new deal which will allow him to remain with Bridgend this season.
Fritz Ringer reopens a much-discussed question to relate the evolution of educational ideal and practice to the flux of middle-class ideology.
Communications professionals donate throughout Bell Ringer Awards Ceremony
New series rIngEr Thur Sky Living 8pm Sarah Michelle Gellar was the star of the most influential show of the last 20 years.
Aside from occasional forays into bad taste humour and a tepid romantic subplot, The Ringer would make an excellent promotional video for the Special Olympics.