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Synonyms for ringer

one exactly resembling another

Synonyms for ringer

a person who rings church bells (as for summoning the congregation)

a person who is almost identical to another

a contestant entered in a competition under false pretenses

(horseshoes) the successful throw of a horseshoe or quoit so as to encircle a stake or peg

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The agency's TODAY Show placements also secured a silver award from The Publicity Club of New England's Bell Ringer Awards.
In the film "The Wedding Ringer," Josh Gad is playing the bridegroom, Doug Harris.
I'm usually in a lot of meetings at work in the morning and sometimes I completely forget about my phone ringer which can cause some disturbance.
Who ringer Don't all rush to sign the set-piece specialist with the prosthetic hooter at once.
To recapture the magical moment, bell ringers used photos hanging in the 345-year-old church to recreate the moment.
The sound of bells will fill the ECHO Arena this week as the Handbell Ringers of Great Britain (HRGB) welcome musicians to the city.
This dead ringer is supposed to fill in until after the election is won, but he grows to like the role until he discovers that the real PM was poisoned.
He said: "Shortage of the odd ringer here and there for weddings is a fairly common occurrence and often churches make last-minute requests for people to fill-in.
The rugby star, son of Wales international flanker Paul Ringer, was found guilty on March 10 of driving without insurance or MoT and failing to produce documents.
Jenifer Ringer, as the Sugar Plum Fairy, looked as if she'd eaten one sugar plum too many; and Jared Angle, as the Cavalier, seems to have been sampling half the Sweet realm," Macaulay commented.
Ringer, a financial professional for more than 20 years, has over 15 years of experience in trade finance.
Marske Bellringers practice their Grandsire Triples, right KEEN RINGERS: Senior Tutor Peter Sotheran teaches new ringer Emma Warwick the art of bell-ringing, above, and pictured with some of the other bell ringers, right
When compared to last year, the aggregated cost for the basket of raw materials consumed for our printing inks, varnishes and auxiliaries has risen by 30 percent globally," said Heiner Ringer, CEO of hubergroup.
Taking this concept a bit further, Pam McPhee, director of the Browne Center for Innovative Learning, and Judy Ringer, chief instructor of Portsmouth Aikido and Power & Presence Training, are offering a new hands-on learning experience using concepts from horsemanship and marshal arts and translating them into leadership practices, power and centered presence.
Los Angeles Judge Gordon Ringer said, 'The court will sign and issue a properly prepared certificate commanding the President to testify before this court on February 25 and to appear on April 15' (when the trial begins).