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greyish Old World turtledove with a black band around the neck

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Eurasian pigeon with white patches on wings and neck

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The Medieval Avatars of Kalilah wa-Dimnah: The Digression on Wealth and Poverty in the Ringdove Chapter", Revista de Estudios Hispanicos, 31, 2004; pp.
29) Daphnis begins the story of the ringdove by connecting Chloe with the heroine in the myth: '[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
Thus, at the end of the play, when he is making his preparations for the Choes festival, he packs in his picnic basket a great number of delicious treats: sliced fish, fig leafs of fat, ringdove, thrush, hare's meat, sausages, baked bread, and flat cakes dripp ing with honey (1098-142).
In April 1905, as commander of the gunboat Ringdove, he sailed into St.
So I shall weep for you, so long as ringdove laments and the
Beginning in "The Bicycle Rider" and continuing in "The Jules Verne Steam Balloon" and "The Ringdove Sign," we watch him experience the hurt--he had offered friendship to a young man; the young man preferred drugs--and gradually overcome it thanks, as he explains, to ".
Too much commotion, too much randomness, I'd rather move to the garden, to conscientiously note that ringdoves all fly off the trees together, at the same time.
Ringdoves roost well within his wood, shirr songs to suit which mood he saunters in; how but most glad could be this adam's woman when all earth his words do summon leaps to laud such man's blood