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Synonyms for rill

a small stream

a small channel (as one formed by soil erosion)

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Dan Rill has recently been promoted to Pre-Owned Sales Manager.
In the Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) model, rill erodibility is estimated as (Nearing et al.
McKinney, Rill, and Darin Gully's chapter on "Political Engagement through Presidential Debates" is similarly rich in detail and analysis.
Among the problems caused by the main rill is soil erosion that has exposed the roots of mature sugar maples.
In Rill Rill, she went crowd-surfing twice; she might want to consider using a wireless microphone.
You may want your rill to be a still sheet of water or to feed a larger pond or water feature.
During the past twenty years, many researchers paid attention to the process of rill and sheet erosion while some researchers have showed that rill and sheet erosion on the plot is not an ideal indicator of the total amount of soil erosion [4].
Add strong architectural elements such as a pergola, summer house and maybe a rill or water channel, using a mixture of rough and dressed tone for walls.
Novis added that the 7% abv range was designed to rill a gap in the market for quality pre-mixed cocktails "They are based on traditional recipes," she said, "ensuring they have the same depth and complexity as freshly made versions.
Krishna Winston's pellucid translation of Don Juan is a visual patchwork; the eye is beguiled by the "glow of the poplar-fluff tufts," the "mica sand glitter[ing] in the fishless rill," the "clay with marl with rock outcroppings with taproots with basket roots, sulfur yellow with brick red with salt gray with coal black.
Reflecting on the past and future, Eli Rill paints a picture of a family line that is always struggling and the endless pursuit of a better life.
We see her four times a year to be sure she remains stable, and the cost of advocacy from her trust is low," says Beverly Rill, BTS executive director.
M wdi rhoi'r hydr i mi ddfnyddio fy sgiliu i hlpu rill yn yr un modd.
From left: Lewis Goodkin, president of Goodkin Consulting; Douglas Rill, a realtor at Century 21 America's Choice Realty; Brad Hunter, chief economist at Metrostudy Buying a condominium in South Florida for $100,000 seems improbable, even impossible.