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Synonyms for rill

a small stream

a small channel (as one formed by soil erosion)

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In the Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) model, rill erodibility is estimated as (Nearing et al.
Rill talks about strategies for dealing with the gap in a study she prepared for the Society of Certified Senior Advisors Denver.
For flowing water, you need to create a gradient over the length of the rill.
Thomas Hoblyn's 'Cornish memories' design consisted of three sinuous rills flowing into plunge pool with three modern containers to the side full of water
Novis added that the 7% abv range was designed to rill a gap in the market for quality pre-mixed cocktails "They are based on traditional recipes," she said, "ensuring they have the same depth and complexity as freshly made versions.
We see her four times a year to be sure she remains stable, and the cost of advocacy from her trust is low," says Beverly Rill, BTS executive director.
Mddi ann: "M fy ddysg wdi fy sbrduno i, wdi rhoi boddhd prsonol llwyddint rtistig i mi, yn ogystl rhoi'r gllu i mi hlpu rill gyflwni'r un mcnion, trwy fynd yn thrws.
From left: Lewis Goodkin, president of Goodkin Consulting; Douglas Rill, a realtor at Century 21 America's Choice Realty; Brad Hunter, chief economist at Metrostudy Buying a condominium in South Florida for $100,000 seems improbable, even impossible.
A diocesan spokesman said the diocese and Catholic Charities are working to rill the gap with similar services.
Ephemeral gullies are common features on agricultural landscapes and can sometimes lead to soil losses that exceed losses from sheet or rill erosion.
pounds 400 High Street vouchers - Week 2: C Kitson, Tandem; K Rill, Huddersfield; B Lawrence, Golcar; E Womble, Brackenhall.
Not surprisingly, customer interest is high," said Frank Rill, lithographic sheet sales and marketing director for Novelis.
Primos [R] has added the new Double Bull Dark Horse[TM] to its blind collection Of the blind's numerous cool features, some worth noting include: a Rill 180 degree front view, black interior lining, Silent Slide[TM] window adjustment system, four rear "just in case" shooting ports, four wall tie-downs, 67" center height, 6' plus shooting diameter, and shoot-through netting.
I will be doing a special on American Opera Projects with lots of footage on its glorious work," says Hoffman, "and my interview with Lanford Wilson and Lee Hoiby, the composer who set Lanford's This Is the Rill Speaking.
1996) showed that air-dried soil exhibited greater rill erodibility than wet soil and that erodibility decreased with time after wetting.