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Primary care physicians in the face of necessity soon as the patient is at risk understood due the rigorousness and impact of symptoms while in the initial session with the patient the diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux disease it should be assessed by the physicians that patient will benefit from effective treatment if he/she can be sure that the symptoms may resolve instinctively.
A number of accreditation organizations and other methods for determining the rigorousness and economic value of a certification are discussed.
Contrasting sources Doesn't worry about Needs help in of information and the rigorousness of checking reliability handling facts information.
Military-inspired fashion is still trending with footwear pieces adorned with ornaments, like studs, chains and buckles evoking a refined rigorousness.
Orthodox mission is a unique opportunity to promote the encounter with Christ the Saviour, a true, deep, and substantial encounter, as it happens in the magic, fabulous, and abysmal world of the East, with all its blessed fruits, with its spiritual fruitfulness, with its liturgical beauty, with its doctrinal depth and rectitude, but also with the canonical rigorousness of its Orthodox faith.
Each piece seems on the surface to explain its concept and execution simply and clearly, leaving all deeper interpretation to the complicated, politically loaded, or vague images within the work itself, the text used, or the rigorousness of the creation process that has been laid bare.
Meyer's films combine art and ethnography in a Form accessible to general audiences with a rigorousness that scholars will find welcoming.
I like the rigorousness of it, the repetition--the idea of learning how to be uncomfortable.
into "outputs" (security, defense and foreign policies); and second, from the point of academic rigorousness, it is almost impossible to define which supra-/international factor has had the greatest impact on the transformation of defense policy of a certain country, esp.
In addition, we conducted a Bonferroni correction to ensure more rigorousness of the results, therefore, reducing the possibility of finding false positive results.
In addition, most experts seem to be of opinion that library-related research of last some decades has shown improvement with regard to it rigorousness, sophistication, and incorporation of multiple methods and statistical analysis.
Commitment can't even explain its own peculiar role in marriage--the rigorousness of the commitment that marriage involves.
And at Hillsborough, the scene of English football's darkest hour 23 years ago, an incident has now occurred which raises serious questions over the safety of professional sportsmen and women, and the rigorousness of football banning orders.
All too often the results have been viewed with a considerable degree of suspicion, as to the rigorousness and independence of the method and the reliability of the results as a real measure of service standards.
I spoke to my friend Allison who did the Gerson Therapy 25 years ago, who described the rigorousness of the Therapy.