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Synonyms for rigmarole

Synonyms for rigmarole

Synonyms for rigmarole

a set of confused and meaningless statements

a long and complicated and confusing procedure


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The now 17-year-old Rigmarole, who won the Greatwood, Bula and Kingwell Hurdles in the 2003-04 season, has been at the Somerset riding centre since his retirement and enjoys his role as 'supervisorin-chief' - paying regular visits to the gate to ensure all is going smoothly.
It's just a shame that everyone has to go through the rigmarole when it's a tiny minority who can't go out without wanting to cause trouble.
I could have got a ticket but I couldn't be bothered with the rigmarole of getting one.
It was termed as a minor incident which could have been caused during the operational rigmarole.
Kurt added: "Pharmacies provide a consultancy service without the rigmarole of providing your name, personal details or even having to make an appointment.
Bankers are celebrating their massive pay cheques The rest of us are turning into nervous wrecks Government promises are nothing but a load of rigmarole The country's economy is sinking further into a big black hole We each as individuals cannot do everything But neither are we puppets on a string Fight back and hold onto your dream Things aren't as bad as they seem We were worse off after World War II But we set up the NHS and welfare benefits too Keep that vision alive That truth will help us survive
If I were, why would I go through the above rigmarole if I, or one of my servants, could get what I need for such an insignificant amount at the corner shop?
Washington, Mar 28 ( ANI ): Cheryl Cole has admitted that she finds the whole rigmarole of red carpet 'terrifying'.
Substitute goalkeepers at least have to turn up for training, get involved in the pre-match warm-up and go through the rigmarole of getting ready to play, knowing that it is most unlikely they will actually get onto the pitch.
I wouldD be like to be given the chance to obtain an advanced decision pack but, as with so many things these days, when one does not have a computer with all the rigmarole of the internet, we are overlooked.
FAISALABAD, June 17, 2009 (Balochistan Times) --Pakistan Textile Exporters Association (PTEA) and Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI) have demanded withdrawal of minimum tax regime and regular assessment rigmarole as it would open floodgates of corruption and deplete net revenue collection.
And patients would not have to go through the daily rigmarole of remembering to take their pills.
By the time passengers have travelled to Cardiff International Airport, parked the car, checked in and waited - and then gone through a similar rigmarole at the isolated RAF Valley in Anglesey - very little time has been saved.
The rigmarole of pre-season is now firmly behind them and Ward anticipates a successful campaign to vindicate his decision to link up with Micky Adams' squad.
Harris displays flashes of blasphemous wit (Eucharist hosts are "defenseless crackers," Muhammad's Paradise resembles an "al fresco bordello," the New Testament ends with "the all-consuming rigmarole of Revelation"), and he scores any number of direct hits on deserving targets.