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Synonyms for rigidness

Synonyms for rigidness

the physical property of being stiff and resisting bending

the quality of being rigid and rigorously severe

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Amending the act will make it more humanitarian, but the army's rigidness was not leaving much for the government," Chidambaram said during the K Subrahmanyam Memorial Lecture here yesterday.
Note: Toward the end of the spawning season, the ovary loses its rigidness although it still has 1-2 batch(es) of oocytes to spawn.
The rigidness of applying the market price for oil products and the companies' inability to affect it prevents them from reducing their tax liabilities by price manipulation.
The rigidness of the male gender stereotype and the educational implications stemming from it.
Developed in the 1980s, it involves cutting sensory nerves in the bottom of the spine to permanently relieve muscle spasticity, or rigidness, caused by cerebral palsy.
Though he was lured to the event with promises Paul would convert him from his Democrat views, he told the Tribune he remains concerned about Paul's rigidness on health care reform.
An example of the union's rigidness, Andreou said, was PASYDY's stiff resistance to any proposal aiming at curbing public payroll, including the freeze of wage indexation and incremental pay rises.
Speaking to FNA here in Tehran on Saturday, Admiral Sayyari said Iran is serious about deployment near the United States' maritime borders and this rigidness has worried the US officials.
Hattab's thought-provoking account problematizes the rigidness of dichotomies such as revolutionaries versus traditionalists, major versus minor figures, and Aristotelianism versus the New Philosophy, to reinterpret one of the seminal chapters in the history of ideas.
As Tony suggested to me, it is frustrating for him and his players as the officials don't really do anything wrong in making most major decisions but the rigidness of their approach lacks any flexibility.
Yet the subtlety and substance of real-world interactions are lost in the rigidness of our online tools.
However, the formality and rigidness of the OLC opinion also has its drawbacks.
Climbing plants invest their resources in growth and biomass production at the expense of maintaining the rigidness common in most plant species.
There has been a state of deliberate rigidness - towards the Labor Party and El-Shaab newspaper since 2000, which exposed several cases of corruption in different sectors," said Salah Sadek, a lawyer representing Hussein.
The rigidness of the proposed standard emphasizes the flexibility of the CRPD's reasonable accommodation approach.