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Synonyms for rigidifying

the process of becoming stiff or rigid

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However, the "colonial politics and intramural Catholic rivalries" that led to condemnation of blending Chinese rites into the Roman rite a half world away and "the rigidifying of Catholicism after the Reformation" shot a bullet across the bow of Jesuit missionaries' hopes, Connolly said.
However, longer tenures may also indicate the presence of complacency and rigidifying effects on team interactions.
Rather, he seeks to prevent this specificity from rigidifying into a world-creatively obstructive set of forces, composed of individualism, localism, nationalism or, indeed, their equally detrimental counterpart of an inert, featureless universalism.
Meanwhile, he was joined in this project of literary stabilization by Swift, who famously advocated for the fixing and rigidifying of language in his "Proposal for .
Without NIRA-style interventions rigidifying the economy, Cole and Ohanian believe, the Depression would have been a recession ending in 1936, rather than a prolonged slump that technically ended only in 1943.
By introducing a third rigidifying phase of matrix immobilized on the surface of filler particles, Chabert et al.