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Synonyms for rigidify

become rigid

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make rigid and set into a conventional pattern

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He contrasts this with the concern for political stability and power that led the British to rigidify indigenous power structures in the canal colonies, and in ways that have had deep, long- term economic costs.
Many here are depressed by the possibility that the often expressed desire for "dialogue" will rigidify into mere ritual and cover over the actual problems of people with varying religious backgrounds living together.
Messianic salvation in this film is conceptualized as fertility, as the creative potential that enables human flourishing as opposed to those structures that regulate, rigidify, and delimit it.
Terrell presents incisive insights into the perils of attempts to codify, objectify, and rigidify medicine.
This time is necessary to rigidify the walls of the foam cavities and completely squeeze the gas.
Such an approach would suggest that accounting education has the potential to focus and rigidify thinking, thereby decreasing creativity.
The more it appeases world opinion--such as by meeting with envoys of the Tibetan government in exile--the more it will rigidify in matters of substance.
Flexible margins are unsuited for the development of radial folds, ridges, and other more extravagant ornamental features such as spines or tubercles that tend to rigidify the margins (Waller, 1972; see also the discussion in Carter, 1990, p.
Over time, such views rigidify into cultural dispositions that circulate in public discourse as 'universal truths'.
I am struck," she tells us, "by a certain unworldliness in some feminist readings of modernist or postmodernist literature, as aesthetic criteria are transposed without further ado into the realm of politics" (78) and then pursues an argument revealing the "solipsism" of some feminist thought in this realm, concluding that "this playful vision of constantly shifting surfaces can easily rigidify into a new form of intellectual and political orthodoxy" (79).
It could also polarize viewpoints, rigidify tactical positions, delay resolutions of dispute, politicize faculty and students, and induce resentment, slowdowns, and boycotts in an effort to influence negotiations (Mortimer, Bagshaw & Masland, 1985).
On the one hand, hard-line religious and moral conservatives have been working to rigidify the boundaries of "traditional" marriage and to shore up its privileged status.
The recommendations of the Working Group on Presidential Disability are designed to build on that strength by allowing for flexibility in the implementation of the amendment's disability procedures and by avoiding proposals that would rigidify those procedures and damage an institution that must be safeguarded.
A similar contradiction belies the media image of anti-globalization activists as foes of internationalism who want to rigidify national boundaries, reinforce isolation, and prevent worldwide interactions.
The Dutch administration tended to stabilize and rigidify the positions of local chiefs, through whom they ruled indirectly, effectively transforming them into civil servants.