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Synonyms for rigidify

become rigid

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make rigid and set into a conventional pattern

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The existing paradigm serves to rigidify decision-making at a time when extraordinary flexibility and rapid change are essential.
159) Moreover, even beyond availability cascades, the "best" available information can subtly rigidify decision makers who, intent on assuring others that they have done their "best," grow resistant to critique, re-analysis, and/or subsequent correction.
Many here are depressed by the possibility that the often expressed desire for "dialogue" will rigidify into mere ritual and cover over the actual problems of people with varying religious backgrounds living together.
Terrell presents incisive insights into the perils of attempts to codify, objectify, and rigidify medicine.
This time is necessary to rigidify the walls of the foam cavities and completely squeeze the gas.
Such an approach would suggest that accounting education has the potential to focus and rigidify thinking, thereby decreasing creativity.
Over time, such views rigidify into cultural dispositions that circulate in public discourse as 'universal truths'.
It could also polarize viewpoints, rigidify tactical positions, delay resolutions of dispute, politicize faculty and students, and induce resentment, slowdowns, and boycotts in an effort to influence negotiations (Mortimer, Bagshaw & Masland, 1985).
The defenses of protection rigidify into walls of imprisonment, resistance to life ("I don't want to be here" or "I don't want to do this anymore").
The recommendations of the Working Group on Presidential Disability are designed to build on that strength by allowing for flexibility in the implementation of the amendment's disability procedures and by avoiding proposals that would rigidify those procedures and damage an institution that must be safeguarded.
230) He questions any taxonomy that would artificially equate race and ethnicity because although both identify individuals based on ancestry, culture, language, and national origin, race has been deployed to rigidify difference, while ethnicity has not.
A similar contradiction belies the media image of anti-globalization activists as foes of internationalism who want to rigidify national boundaries, reinforce isolation, and prevent worldwide interactions.