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farthest to the right

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We should convert the rightmost bus lane into a dedicated motorcycle and bicycle lane that is secured by a one meter plus wide step or platform that bus riders can crossover to and stay on while waiting for the bus.
Feet are classified as 'left-headed' (the leftmost rhyme is stressed) or 'right-headed' (the rightmost rhyme is stressed) (Crystal, 2003).
In the rightmost column, the examples show that the character classifier retains a lot of characters and prunes some non-character components.
Type A: Move the rightmost letter to the left word edge example: AEGEAN Type B: Move the leftmost letter to the right edge example: GNOMON Type C: Move either the leftmost letter to the right edge or the rightmost letter to the left edge example: PAPA
In words of more than two syllables, stress falls on the rightmost heavy syllable in the last three syllables, i.
A top level domain is the rightmost portion of the site URL or e-mail address.
For a married couple with $10 million, the likelihood of ever incurring a federal estate tax might be modest, but the rightmost tail of the curve (i.
In Section 2, we recall an algorithm to find the rightmost eigenvalues of the nonlinear eigenvalue problem (NEP) in some disk and propose a novel algorithm for determining the local asymptotic stability of the positive equilibrium for the general n-species Lotka-Volterra system.
This combined effect is indicated by the stacked bars in the rightmost column of Fig.
In the rightmost banner, the swimmer, immersed once more, exhales a stream of bubbles as a pair of smokestacks from a ghostly overlay of a power station seem to invade her nostrils.
see Table 2, rightmost column, in Parrinello et al.
1] denote the largest i [member of] [s + 1, k] for which there is an i-occurrence of [sigma] in [pi] and suppose the rightmost [a.
For determination of the stability region of (3) only the rightmost eigenvalue is needed.
In analogy to the solution of RTLS problems, we are looking for the rightmost non-negative root of g, i.
A timer in the program was used to measure the time till it detected the rightmost edge (i=n).