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Synonyms for rightfulness

the moral quality of a course of action

Synonyms for rightfulness

anything in accord with principles of justice


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Non-Aligned Movement is proud to once again emphasize the rightfulness of its historic decision to reject the poles of power and the unbridled hegemony ruling the world.
In particular, the "our" of "our fellow-creatures" appears in the contra side of the case and therefore refers to those arguing for the insurance money to be paid to the ship's owners; namely, this is an "our" composed of those who accept the rightfulness of collecting insurance money on murdered humans beings.
This maintains the political and ideological status of science, which in turn Fends (erroneous) rightfulness to the state and its unlawful policies.
But it's so typical of her; like Ronald Reagan, she is utterly convinced of the rightfulness of her cause, and she seldom lets facts get in the way of her just-so stories.
Principal Don Lillistone added: "It is not for the college to judge the rightfulness or otherwise of someone's request for sanctuary.
When any matter between two consolidated Aboriginal groupings is at issue, third parties are in my experience among the last people one would expect to provide a disinterested outside appreciation of the rightfulness of either party's cause.
Similarly, in the developed world, so long as the securitization of mortgages inflated the pensions of small-time investors, few citizens assessed the rightfulness of investment bank practices.
This is again a challenge, but implicitly also the acknowledgement that his previous utterance has missed its target, which was to convince the other party of the rightfulness of his accusation.
Stop taking God's name to hurt or agonise our own brothers and sisters, our fellow human beings, for, His presence and blessings are always there with all those who act equitably and justly, all good doers, all those who turn to rightfulness, all those who guard themselves against evil, and all those who put their trust in Him.
The UAE's political and economic programme will go on, regardless of hosting the GCC central bank or not, but it was simply a matter of rightfulness and fairness in the distribution of GCC joint establishments among member countries.
In my view, clarity on the rightfulness of such civilian deaths is crucial for assessing modern warfare, but there is not much clarity here.
Ozawa is unable to convince other DPJ members of the rightfulness of holding a meeting with Mr.
This was the product of continuous struggle of the Kurdish nation and Peshmarga, and proves the rightfulness of the demands of the Kurdish national movement and persistence of the Kurdish historical leadership and bravery of Mustafa Barzani.
36) With citation to dozens of authorities from Florida and elsewhere, the court laid out the basic principle that "jurisdiction of the subject-matter does not mean jurisdiction of the particular case but of the class of cases to which the particular case belongs, and does not depend upon the sufficiency of the pleadings nor the rightfulness of the decision.
Guido leaves the devil tightly restricted to his natural limitations, where any sign of reverence is at best idolatrous and at worst a heretical belief in the rightfulness of the one creature who irredeemably lacks it.