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Synonyms for rightfulness

the moral quality of a course of action

Synonyms for rightfulness

anything in accord with principles of justice


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Being deficient in normative rightfulness of transnational governance, entities and their advancement processes may confine the impact of such institutions (Popescu Ljungholm, 2016) if they are not recognized as justifiable modes of governance (Benedikter, 2016) by those who are concerned.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani underscored that Tehran's transparent and firm stance in nuclear talks with the six major world powers in the last 22 months has proved the country's rightfulness and logic in international arenas.
The possibility for a faith-based transformative politics lies in the fact that religious teachings can impel women to critical action while they also ordain the rightfulness of women's efforts to challenge violence, insecurity, and injustice.
The government's efforts have resulted in the UAE being ranked on the top globally in the government's ability to promote innovation in the economic sector, which proves the efficacy of the federal government's approach and rightfulness," Shaikh Mohammed added.
The American poet (1848: 58) presupposes here that the "absolute, irrelative particle" created at the beginning by the "Volition of God" was in a condition of "positive normality" or rightfulness, because the wrongfulness implies relation: the rightfulness is "positive," and the wrongfulness is negative, the negation of rightfulness --just as coldness is the negation of warmth, and darkness--the negation of light.
accept the rightfulness of executive review, we can move beyond a
Also a lot of collateral agreements and treaties that were signed in the period or letters that were written by the Nadir to Ottoman state, stressed the rightfulness of three caliphs and verbal reprimanded the verbal abusive of them, but their names are associated with polite phrases, such that in the letter of King Nadir Shah to Sultan Mahmoud Khan the phrase of "va A'al-e-Athar al-Akhyar and great companions" is seen And also in the beginning of the letter of King Nadir to Ottoman state, it is seen "peace be upon Mohammad and his holy family and his companions", and also there are some instances that he has tried to stop the Shiite actions and behaviors and some of his behavior have seen on following the Sunni religion.
Risk mitigation refers to determining optimal measures to eliminate or mitigate the risks, to planning, implementing the optimized selected measures, according to the plan, and controlling the rightfulness of the implementation process.
This point made is to illustrate the futility of attempting to prove who came first and who came next to Sri Lanka, as what is important now is how everyone living in the country now, are able to co-exist without claims on exclusive geographical areas as there is no one who really could give a decisive verdict about the rightfulness of anyone's claim.
The exception here is quite rare, manifested in the figure of the "rebel outlaw" who challenges the ability and rightfulness of society to stigmatize his behavior.
Rightfulness is at issue for conduct potentially inconsistent with the legal status or rights of another.
Because the rightfulness or wrongfulness of repossession turns on the state-action question, a complete consideration of potential scenarios requires in-depth analysis of the divide between state and private action in [section] 1983 cases.
Not out of vanity, but in recognition of the rightfulness of the cause she devoted her life to.
21) Within this order, the question which framework applies for determining the rightfulness of individuals' private interaction (whether purely domestic or international) cannot be determined by external authority, but rather has to be determined by the individuals themselves.
a proper indoctrination as to the rightfulness, the necessity, [and] the