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Manfully and rightfully hath it been done,'' said the Grand Master.
My people in Bora Bora do not like heathen--they are all Christians; and I do not like Bora Bora Christians," he said one day, when I, with the idea of getting him to spend some of the money that was rightfully his, had been trying to persuade him to make a visit to his own island in one of our schooners--a special voyage which I had hoped to make a record breaker in the matter of prodigal expense.
That, or part of it, belonged rightfully to Miss Morstan.
Books, the oldest and the best, stand naturally and rightfully on the shelves of every cottage.
6 Many of them again are of later origin, and are to be traced to the monks of the middle ages: and yet this collection, though thus made up of fables both earlier and later than the era of Aesop, rightfully bears his name, because he composed so large a number (all framed in the same mould, and conformed to the same fashion, and stamped with the same lineaments, image, and superscription) as to secure to himself the right to be considered the father of Greek fables, and the founder of this class of writing, which has ever since borne his name, and has secured for him, through all succeeding ages, the position of the first of moralists.
To hear some one clear his throat at the back of a dark room, where there should rightfully be no throat to be cleared, would cause even your man of stolid habit a passing thrill.
Macedonia enjoys Italy's full support in its efforts to join NATO and the European Union, rightfully maintaining its position of strict observance of international law.
Minister Stavreski must gather strength and change its, at times perceptibly flamboyant stance toward journalists, who rightfully demand detailed explanations regarding the debt.
THOUSANDS of pensioners could be missing out on cash which is rightfully theirs.
All we want is what is rightfully ours - the pensions you told us were guaranteed, safe and protected by law.
And now they're rightfully coming together in a national chorus of condemnation over your little lovefest with Dybul and his family.
I think that Sciame rightfully pointed out that, given the activity that is going on at the site that the Port Authority is engaged in, there should be cost savings that result from having the Port Authority oversee all the construction," Port Authority chairman Anthony Coscia said.
The producing nations (mainly Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia) were fearful, and rightfully so, that the low prices would force rubber growers to switch to more lucrative crops.
If Clinton had been at that time rightfully impeached and removed from office for these atrocious unconstitutional actions, instead of charged for the ridiculous Lewinsky affair, perhaps we wouldn't now be saddled with this war in Iraq, designed to impose democracy at the point of a gun.
Iraqi workers feared privatization would worsen unemployment, seeing that overseas subcontractors were already importing cheap skilled foreign workers for jobs that Iraqis believed were rightfully theirs.