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Synonyms for righteous

Synonyms for righteous

having or marked by uprightness in principle and action

in accordance with principles of right or good conduct

Antonyms for righteous

characterized by or proceeding from accepted standards of morality or justice

morally justified

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In this election, we are like Pandavas, who are walking on the righteous path while BJP is like Kauravas, who are walking on the wrong path.
He is at one with the universe, a divining rod for righteous souls waiting to be anointed.
Continue reading "Yad Vashem to Honor First Arab as Righteous Gentile" at.
The second verse is Psalms 37:25, which says that the author once was young but now is old and has never seen righteous people abandoned and their children hungry.
We have the great honour in Liverpool to host The Righteous Among the Nations exhibition revealing those stories, often so modest, of our allies, friends and Polish heroes.
The Gardens of the Righteous Committee has unanimously approved the proposal by the Bulgarian community in Italy for honoring Bulgaria's former deputy speaker of the National Assembly with a tree on the hill Monte Stella in Milan.
Among the photographs in this joint biography is the Trocmeplaque at the Avenue of the Righteous of the Nations, VadYashem, Jerusalem.
The righteous predecessors (the Salaf) were very keen on pleasing Allh in any way they can and draw nearer to Him by means of performing different types of righteous deeds.
How could he have made that deal with Mary's father, another righteous man?
Kaauwai warned pastors that "neither Mufi Hannemann or Neil Abercrombie [the other Democrat running in the gubernatorial primary] is righteous and a vote for either in the primary or general election is succumbing to fear and advancing unrighteousness
Salkin, Righteous Gentiles in the Hebrew Bible: Ancient Role Models for Sacred Relationships.
The League of the Righteous Place Bomb in Symbolic Coffin Wounding 9 People
If they believe in Jesus they must believe him to be an honest, righteous, divine soul, not a liar and a cheat.
New York - His Majesty the late king Mohammed V is "a righteous in the Jewish collective memory," said American writer Robert Satloff, author of a book on the Jews in North Africa during the Nazi era.
The League of the Righteous, a separatist from the Sadrist front, showed a