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Synonyms for right-winger

one who strongly favors retention of the existing order

Synonyms for right-winger

a member of a right wing political party

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The combination of rabid anti-communism, staunch social conservatism, and anti-Washington sentiment placed the county's right-wingers far outside the postwar consensus, both intellectual and popular.
Moderates were enraged by veteran right-winger Bill Walker becoming deputy chairman.
For right-wingers, this is where the footsteps bleed, or ought to.
Out from the Shadow Cabinet went Mr Redwood, a right-winger who stood against John Major for the party leadership.
Mr Cameron held out an olive branch to right-wingers at a bash to mark the 90th anniversary of the party's 1922 Committee of backbench MPs.
Right-winger Nathan Bressington scored three tries (13 in nine matches on loan from Pertemps Bees), and captain Duncan Hughes got a brace and potted five conversions.
Senior right-winger Lloyd Beat hit out yesterday: "Labour had to solve its Militant problem.
THEO WALCOTT will be given a chance to win his World Cup place as England's right-winger tonight.
And his speech came on the day that Midland right-winger Mr Christopher Gill (Con Ludlow) compared European Union policies to those of the USSR as he spoke to the right-wing Bruges Group in London.
Relegation-battlers Forest have targetted right-winger Fox as the man to supply the bullets for pounds 4.
And now a right-winger who flaunts his connections with the party's leadership is floating what is euphemistically termed "co-payments" for the sick.
But Tory right-winger John Redwood claimed France was scared Britain might prove too successful outside a single currency.
Right-winger Iain Duncan Smith triumphed last time and another right-winger, David Davis, might win this time.
But Tory right-winger Richard Shepherd said Major's speech was "out of line" with the opinion of the public.
Another former King, right-winger Rob Valicevic, played Sunday night for the Stars.