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Synonyms for right-wing

Synonyms for right-wing

strongly favoring retention of the existing order

Synonyms for right-wing

believing in or supporting tenets of the political right


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He warned the overall terror threat is "considerable" with over 600 investigations encompassing Islamist, extreme right-wing and other motivations at any one time.
A joint project by the Investigative Fund at the Nation Institute, a nonprofit media center, and Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting has found that within the past nine years, right-wing extremists plotted or carried out nearly twice as many terrorist attacks as Islamist extremists.
The author spent a year and a half with young right-wing extremist groups and their social workers in an East Berlin district, Treptow-K|penick, to understand their place in post-reunification German nationhood and nationalism, and he argues that the government's policies foster their right-wing extremism, racist nationalism, and racist and political violence.
The head of Ukraine's security service said the detained right-wing activist intended to target Muslim and Jewish places of worship and administrative buildings in France.
Right-wing groups, as well as so-called football hooligans, weren't the only ones damaging property, with a left-wing group vandalizing a bus that was used by some of the right-wing groups participating in the protests, the Guardian (http://www.
Any right-wing religionist can agree that someone didn't live up to the standards they blame on divinity.
If the right-wing parties form a government there will be an EU referendum that could lead to the UK leaving the Union and hence the world's largest market.
The right-wing populist Freedom Party of Austria (FPO), for instance, won 27 percent of the popular vote in the 1999 national elections.
The right-wing populist Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) won 27 percent of the popular vote in the 1999 national election.
Is a screening at a film festival some sort of right-wing entitlement?
The resignation of the Prime Minister is a defection of his ruling party GERB from their duties and responsibilities, according to right-wing leader, Ivan Kostov.
On the other hand, there is a perception in the public that VMRO-DPMNE is a right-wing party and SDSM-left-wing.
IN your report in Tuesday's Examiner regarding the fostering issue in Rotherham, you refer to UKIP as a right wing-party with the following implication that withdrawal from the EU and curbs on immigration are right-wing policies.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that the attack by right-wing extremists on an IDF base in the West Bank has "crossed all the lines," and that he intends to establish a special task force to tackle the growing phenomenon.
The idea on forming a coalition from right-wing oriented parties will most probably fail, comments Aleksandar Dastevski for Vreme.