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(baseball) a pitcher who throws with the right hand

a person who uses the right hand more skillfully than the left

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Steyn's comparative success rate against left and right-handers backs Arthur's assertion that his fast, sometimes skidding style-repeatedly moving the ball away from the right-hander-is suited to one kind of batsman more than the other, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.
Dr Lynn Wright, who led the study in Dundee, believes the results could be due to wiring differences in the brains of left and right-handers.
The survey also showed that only five per cent of left-handers reckoned they were at a disadvantage in learning to drive, although 27 per cent believed cars were designed with right-handers in mind.
340 (18 for 53) respectively against right-handers and .
The time required to identify parts of objects increased markedly when the scientists briefly disabled either the key left brain region in right-handers or the equivalent right brain region in left-handers.
But up to the age of 35, nearly twice as many left-handers as right-handers admitted to having nudged another car while parking.
Pare assumed there is no difference in dexterity between left- and right-handers.
I think what happens is right-handers have a tendency to say, `Oh good, here's the lefty, now let's see how far I can hit,' which is not a very good approach,'' Aldrete said.
Using essentially the same data (a more recent edition of a sports encyclopedia), he sorted baseball players by year of birth and came to a different conclusion: Right-handers used to live longer -- but not anymore, he reports in the Sept.
The New York Yankees and Mets also are in the Glavine pursuit, and Atlanta might hold on to right-hander Greg Maddux.
A psychologist at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, has uncovered what appears to be a fundamental difference between the brains of right-handers and those of left- and mixed-handers.
11 in his last start against a left-hander, but Tracy limited Roberts to facing mostly right-handers.
We just made up our mind that we were going to have Jess face the left-handers and Carrara face the right-handers there,'' said bench coach Jim Riggleman, who took over the managing duties when Tracy was ejected.
To combat his struggles against right-handers, Clark suggested Izturis change his grip to a Bill Madlock-style, keeping his hands slightly separated, when batting left-handed.
311 (46 for 148) with four homers against right-handers.