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Synonyms for right-handed

using or intended for the right hand

rotating to the right

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Mann said that baseball players who adopt a left-handed stance, enjoy a range of potential benefits, but the players who bat left and throw right-handed have a very large and additional advantage when batting.
The C form is a gene of chance in that half the people with this gene are lefthanded and half are right-handed.
Many other chasers share Mister Flint's idiosyncrasy of jumping in a certain direction, with Racing Demon, who has a tendency to jump right - even on right-handed tracks where he has been known to clip the inside wings of fences - an example.
It was apparent that using the same teaching methods as I did for right-handed students did not provide the same results.
I then ask those who are right-handed if they give any particular thought to what seat is the "right seat" to sit in at the dinner table.
When you consider the disproportionate ratio of left-handed batters to right-handed batters prevalent in softball and baseball, these statistics become extremely relevant when discussing the following strategic move.
In general, it can be said that left-handed plows were preferred east of the Mississippi, and right-handed ones to the west.
Are right-handed people more coordinated than lefties?
In particular, a right-handed golfer grips the putter grip with their right hand in a conventional manner so that the thumb on the right hand is placed straight down the top surface of the putter grip.
Scans of 87 foetuses revealed that as soon as it was possible to observe the limb buds moving, most showed a strong preference for right-handed movement.
There she claims that women were associated with left because the 80% of them who are right-handed hold the nursing infant in the left arm in order to free the right hand for other tasks.
The Ci60 Wireless Optical Mouse offers wireless convenience while combining the comfort of soft rubberized grips and innovative right-handed design with the precision and accuracy of DiamondEye(R) optical technology.
For the study, the team asked left- and right-handed participants to reach first toward a pair of targets with both hands at the same time and, immediately afterwards, toward a new single target with only their closest hand.
The fact that Sandown is a right-handed track played a critical role in the victory, as he's failed to complete in his only two previous starts going left-handed.
Despite the increase in availability of left-handed implements, southpaws still face a lifetime of struggle in a right-handed world.