right-hand man

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the most helpful assistant

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It won't be face to face with the owner because he is not in this country, but there are phones and I am sure his right-hand man will be at Middlesbrough.
Two of the men - accused ringleader Jonathan Idema and his right-hand man, Brent Bennett - were given ten year sentences.
Widely recognised as Osama bin Laden's right-hand man, he is also the reputed architect of terrorist attacks worldwide.
Robert Williford, who had been Leslie Norins's right-hand man at American Health Consultants, credits his own success in newsletter publishing to learning the business under the Good Doctor.
Tord Grip, Eriksson's right-hand man, was at Upton Park to witness the show, which also saw Michael Carrick put in another mature performance and goalkeeper David James keep a clean sheet.
So, when Liggins and his right-hand man, CFO Scott Royster, warned Wall Street in September that the industry's growth rate was slowing, and suggested that Radio One's revenues and profits for 2000 would not match the robust growth pattern of the previous two years, the romance was over.
Berlin-On August 30, the National Post reported that the remains of Adolf Hitler's right-hand man, Martin Bormann, were secretly cremated and scattered in the Baltic Sea in mid-August.
While Clarke's study concentrated on the life and career of Tommaso Soderini (1403-85), Lorenzo de' Medici's right-hand man, Lowe's work focuses on Tommaso's son, Francesco (1453-1524).
I thought it was unfair to compete with local architects for the little work that was there," said Attia,the former right-hand man of Philip Johnson whose credits in the Big Apple include 101 Park Avenue and The Republican National Bank building on Fifth Avenue.
Alex brings with him to GreenZap his right-hand man and former SBD COO, Michael Bernstein.
Major General Alexander McDougall was George Washington's right-hand man in the War of Independence and became president of the Bank of New York, the city's oldest financial institution.
Summary: Chelsea are on the lookout for a new assistant manager following the sudden departure of Carlo Ancelotti's right-hand man Ray Wilkins.
But it is expected owner Abramovich, his right-hand man Eugene Tenenbaum and Frank Arnesen will all look after football affairs such as contracts and transfers.
Dennis, who's been in charge since 1981, will hand over the reins to his long-standing right-hand man and CEO Martin Whitmarsh.
Starting tonight 14 contestants will battle it out to become the right-hand man of Bill Cullen, Ireland's toughest self-made millionaire.