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the right to live

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Then Brennan did something a lot of Catholic priests in the state did that Sunday: He passed out copies of the Right to Life flier to church members in the pews--even though the material was produced by an organization that has a political action committee that formally endorsed Sanchez.
The right to life is inalienable because nonconsenting third parties will suffer if it were a social policy to allow killing of persons based merely on their consent.
In defending the right to life, in law and through a vibrant culture of life, America can show the d the path to a truly humane future in which man remains the master, not the product of his technology.
Douglas Johnson, the legislative director for the National Right to Life Committee, says the protection of abortion granted by Roe v.
Together these groups have prevailed upon the Republican Party to write Vatican theology into the party platform as follows: "The unborn child has a fundamental right to life that cannot be infringed.
To justify self-preference, Uniacke conditions one's right to life upon one's not being an immediate unjust threat to another's life.
Liana Karlin, President of Right to Life Montana, announced her organization's endorsement of Jim Lynch and Dr.
In the video, Hall's voice says the advertisement was paid for by the Texas Right to Life Committee, a politically active non-profit corporation that doesn't have to disclose its donors.
Your National Right to Life and our state affiliates have been on the front lines of fighting for the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.
In contrast to this trend, Benedict re-iterated that human coexistence is based on recognition of the right to life, a right "that must be supported by everyone, because it is the fundamental right with regard to the other human rights.
And, in a 1984 referendum, Ireland voted in favour of a constitutional amendment expressly recognising the right to life of the unborn child and equal right of the mother.
Where the Declaration of Independence speaks of the right to life as an endowment from the Creator, the post-Roe concept reduces that right to a revocable privilege.
Last year many prolife supporters began receiving phone calls from telemarketers claiming they were raising funds in the fight against partial-birth abortion on behalf of a group calling itself "American Right to Life.
Wanda Franz, the president of the National Right to Life Committee.
Wilke later became president of the National Right to Life Committee and is also a member of the board of directors of the Catholic Campaign for America, which serves as a kind of central committee for Catholic Republicanism.