right smart

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Synonyms for right smart

(Southern or Midland) considerable

to a great degree or by a great distance


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With acquisition of the flagship Intellisite application and Right Smart hardware, the oil and gas electronic flow meter (EFM) monitoring solution is now part of M2M Data Corporation, an industry-leading compression monitoring service.
How often has trolling an e-mail discussion list helped you look right smart when it really counted?
With the right smart device security and information management platform, customers will have confidence to consume online services and transact via their connected devices.
I hauled off and hit that flag staff a right smart whack with the bayonet and it must have really stung the Johnny's hands.
Marhoefer stressed that without the right smart grid infrastructure and investment all the innovation that comes out of great Illinois places like Argonne and universities like Illinois, IIT, Chicago and Northwestern and, ultimately, the jobs, will go somewhere else.