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right of inheritance belongs exclusively to the eldest son

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I learned about the Huguenots, Protestants forced to flee from Catholic oppression in Europe during the 17th century; I learned that the Delaware Indians were peaceful, while the Iroquois were warlike in the early days of New Jersey; I learned about the potato famine in Ireland, the mosquitoes of Jamestown, the right of primogeniture, Tecumseh, the first transcontinental railway in the U.
As an example evoked in this polemic, John is often represented as a usurper and Arthur as the legitimate heir to the throne by a similar right of primogeniture.
Although Jefferson did not believe in absolute human equality, neither did he believe in the artificial aristocracy of birth and wealth then ruling in Virginia; accordingly, while in the Virginia House of Delegates from 1776 to 1779, he successfully worked for abolition of the right of primogeniture and land held in entail; he also introduced a bill for the establishment of religious freedom, separating religious opinions from civil authority.