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the legal right to take possession of real estate in a peaceable manner

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This was in contravention of clear advice from the Australian government to the Norwegian government and also very clear advice to the master of the motor vessel Tampa that Australia was refusing the right of entry into Australian waters,'' he said.
Rights to refuse entry, an individual's right of entry, search and apprehension procedures within the law are all studied.
In addition, Center II's location will enhance the backbone's capability with a right of entry to digital, central office, and switching box services.
To get permission to purchase the kegs, they have to disclose the party's address and grant a general right of entry to police, making a mockery of the Fourth Amendment's protection against unreasonable search and seizure.
Did you know that more than 300 different kinds of inspections carry the right of entry to private premises.
Williams said the city will still maintain ditches where it has been granted an easement or a right of entry.
A limit of 10,000 for the special weekly badge, which ensures a lifetime right of entry, had been set by Loch Lomond's president Lyle Anderson.
Article 8 of the Law of 1958 determined that UAR Consulates abroad will maintain records of persons granted Certificates of Emigre Citizens; Article 9 granted the holders of these Certificates the right of entry into the UAR (presumably on a foreign passport) without obtaining an entry visa; the right of residence in the UAR; the right to work in the UAR; and the enjoyment of other rights as determined by the President of the Republic.
The SecurALL system tracks and regulates right of entry throughout a healthcare facility, in real-time, using programmable badge readers.
Bidder is responsible for obtaining all necessary permits for construction and right of entry into the facility.
Not only could we be sucked into a war, as a result of their internal politics, but if Ukraine eventually is accepted as a member of the EU, then all the arguments we have heard rehearsed with Romania and Bulgaria, and their right of entry, will happen again with Ukrainian citizens wanting to come here to live and work.
The Liberal National Party government in Queensland has placed unprecedented restrictions on the Queensland Nurses Union's (QNU) right of entry to hospitals, and the rights of its members to attend union meetings, conferences and training.
Remember that bailiffs have no right of entry unless you invite them in - or leave your door open, and also that no matter what they may demand for their charges, there is no provision made for them to be able to claim anything from you without it going before a judge.
In anticipation of entering the medical electronics market space, the company recently earned its ISO-13485 certification, which provides the initial right of entry to this quality-critical industry.
Supply chain companies should be toughening their terms and conditions - even insisting on right of entry to customers' premises to seize goods supplied but not paid for - in order to weather the worsening economic storm.