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the cerebral hemisphere to the right of the corpus callosum that controls the left half of the body

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He deduced that the right hemisphere is activated due to negative emotions and affects the motion to the left which affects the way people hug.
She covers the right hemisphere, fundamentals of clinical practice, pragmatic aspects of communication, language comprehension, prosody, attention, unilateral neglect, executive functions, awareness, and memory.
Initial workup included EEG, which showed excessive sharp EEG transients more over the right hemisphere and MRI brain, which showed asymmetric enlargement of the right cerebral hemisphere and diffuse thickening of cortical grey matter with increased myelination over right hemisphere, suggestive of right sided hemimegalencephaly (Figure-1).
The groups were split into patients who suffered stroke in the right hemisphere (RH), and left hemisphere (LH), compared to healthy control individuals (CG), and all of them were paired by sex and age.
Along with motor behavior, language is one of the most lateralised functions of the human body, the networks of brain areas controlling language are located asymmetrically in the brain's left or right hemisphere.
By activating the brain's right hemisphere this way, these athletes were limiting the possibility of overthinking their movements or ruminating (associated with the left hemisphere) and more likely to rely on motor skills developed over years of performance (associated with the right hemisphere).
A bird's right eye connects to the left hemisphere of its brain, and the left eye to the right hemisphere.
Dr Juergen Beckmann, of Munich University, said the squeezing activates the right hemisphere of the brain, which is linked to automatic motor actions rather than thought.
It is the right hemisphere that deals with connotation, everything that gets left out of a dictionary definition.
While they should balance each other with the right hemisphere being the master, they have been in conflict, with the left hemisphere trying to suppress completely the right hemisphere.
SAP is to buy 3D visualisation toolmaker Right Hemisphere in a bid to improve the user interfaces of its various lines of business software, the companies announced.
Visual enterprise solutions provider Right Hemisphere announced on Monday that its 3D visualization technology has been integrated with software provider JustSystems' XMetaL XML-based authoring and content collaboration software to deliver a comprehensive solution for 3D DITA Documents.
But if the right hemisphere is given the pen, the drawing will be exuberant, sympathetic and free.
When they tested the performance areas of her right hemisphere, however, the contrast was startling.
T he discovery of complementary specializations in the two hemispheres led to what might be termed the dual-brain cult, with calls for greater attention to the creative, emotional right hemisphere in activities as diverse as art, education, literature, and even business (see Corballis, 2007, for a sceptical account).