right gastric artery

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a branch of the hepatic artery that supplies the pyloric portion of the stomach on the lesser curvature

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In the upper part, the cystic artery, the proper hepatic artery and the right gastric artery formed an arterial network, which ran downward.
Trace the right gastric artery to the proper hepatic artery; expose the proper hepatic artery and its branches to the porta hepatis.
The anterior layer of the peritoneum was removed from the lesser omentum and right gastric artery was identified which was traced to the common hepatic artery.
One limb of the T was the right gastric artery and the other gave off the hepatic artery proper and continued as the gastroduodenal and pancreatico-duodenal system, as usual.
Its branches are Gastroduodenal artery, right gastric artery, right and left hepatic arteries.